Cameroon News & Info Sources: Television, Radio & newspapers.

Cameroon has various information outlets reporting Cameroon news. These are becoming more independent and free to some extent.

Cameroon TV News and Info Sources.

Cameroon Radio-Television Corporation (CRTV Cameroon)

The state-owned Cameroon Radio-Television Corporation (CRTV Cameroon) has a huge volume of coverage - the entire nation of Cameroon. CRTV first broadcasted images in March 1985.

CRTV is the main outlet of news and info about Cameroon. CRTV content is distributed over its state-ownedprovincial radio stations, Cameroon Tribute newspaper and over the main Television broadcast station, CRTV station.

Other Cameroon TV News and Info Sources

  • Cameroon Radio-Television (CRTV)
  • Canal 2
  • Siantou Television
  • ATV
  • Spectrum Television (STV)
  • Equinoxe TV
  • TV+

Cameroon Radio Info Sources.

There are few regional and independent stations:
  • 2 AM,
  • 9 FM,
  • 3 Shortwaves

FM radio stations are highly favored by local Cameroonians. Some of the programs are done in Pidgin English. Many commercials and ads run through these local stations. If you happen to be in Buea or Douala, follow the very popular FM 105 to find out the latest "gossips."

Cameroon Newspapers and Press Info Sources.

Press journalism is very popular too. With a very high literacy rate (over 60%) in Cameroon relative to bordering nations, it is not uncommon to find Cameroonian pedestrians crowd a newspaper stand (kiosk) to read the front covers. The most favored and popular Cameroon newspapers are:

  • Cameroon Tribune,
  • 100% Jeune,
  • Le messager,
  • Popoli,
  • Entre Nous Jeune,
  • Cameroon Post,
  • Cameroon Post Online - post newsline,
  • The Herald Cameroon,
  • Mutation,
  • La Nouvelle Expression,
  • L'effort Camerounais etc.

What was your best source of Cameroon info? Share with us.

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