Listings of Cameroon Radio and Air Wave Broadcast Programing.

FM Cameroon radio stations are highly favored by local Cameroonians.

Some of the programs are done in Pidgin English.

Many commercials ads run through these local stations.

If you happen to be in Buea or Douala, follow the very popular FM 105 to find out the latest "gossips."

Enjoy These Online Cameroon Info Radio Stations

Do the following

Click on SEARCH (with the magnifier) and type Makossa or Cameroun in the search bar for more radio stations. Then CLICK on the station of your choice to play it.

More Cameroon Info Radio Stations.

Cameroon Radio Station Name & LocationBroadcast Frequency
CRTV Adamaoua - Ngaoundéré public, Provincal service 102.5FM
Sweet FM - Douala (Littoral)88.7FM
CRTV Radio Nationale - Douala (Littoral) public, national service89.2FM
CRTV Littoral - Douala (Littoral) public, provincal service91.3FM
Radio Veritas - Douala (Littoral) religious96.9FM
Nostalgie - Douala (Littoral)97.0FM
RFI-Radio France Internationale - Douala (Littoral) news/info, 97.8FM
Sky One - Douala (Littoral)100.1FM
RVN-Radio Vie Nouvelle - Douala (Littoral)100.5FM
BBC World Service Africa|sat feed - Douala (Littoral) news/info English101.3FM
Africa n° 1|satellite feed - Douala (Littoral)102.5FM
CRTV Douala FM 105 - Douala (Littoral) public, local service105.0FM
CRTV East - Bertoua (Est) public, provincal serviceFM
CRTV Far North - Maroua (Extrême-Nord) public, provincal service102.3FM
BBC World Service Africa|sat feed - Bamenda (Nord-Ouest) news/info English95.7FM
Donga Mantung Community Radio - Bamenda (North-West) community105.0 150W
CRTV North West - Bamenda (Nord-Ouest) public, provincal service107.1FM
CRTV North - Garoua (Nord (East Benue)) public, provincal service102.3FM
CRTV West - Bafoussam (Ouest) public, provincial service93.8FM
Radio Star - Bafoussam (Ouest)95.5FM
RBN Bafoussam| - Bafoussam (Ouest) religious97.9FM
Sweet FM| - Bafoussam (Ouest)100.5FM
RFI-Radio France Internationale| - Bafoussam (Ouest) news/info, 24h French101.1FM
RCDM - Ebolowa (Sud)101.0FM
RBN Ebolowa| - Ebolowa (Sud) religious102.7FM
CRTV South - Ebolowa (Sud) public, provincal serviceFM
CRTV South West - CRTV Mount Cameroon FM - Buea (Sud-Ouest) public, local service107.9FM
CRTV South West - Buea (Sud) public, provincial serviceFM
CRTV Radio Nationale|on FM - Yaounde (Centre) public, national service1152AM
CRTV Radio Nationale - Yaounde (Centre) public, national service88.8FM
Campus FM - Yaounde (Centre) (Univ. of Yaounde II)90.0FM
Campus FM - Yaounde (Centre) (Univ. of Yaounde II)90.0FM
TBC Radio Yaounde News90.3FM
Radio Siantou - Yaounde (Centre)90.5FM
FM 94 (CRTV Yaounde) - Yaounde (Centre) public, local service French94.0FM
Satellite FM - Yaounde (Centre)96.5FM
BBC World Service Africa|satellite feed - Yaounde (Centre) news/info English98.4FM
Magic FM - Yaounde (Centre)100.1FM
Sweet FM|rep - Yaounde (Centre)100.5FM
CRTV Centre - Yaounde (Centre) public, provincal service.101.9FM
RBN-Radio Bonne Nouvelle - Yaounde (Centre) religious.102.5FM
Sky One - Yaounde (Centre) religious.104.5FM
RFI-Radio France Internationale|satellite feed - Yaounde (Centre) news/info, 24h French105.5FM
Africa n° 1|satellite feed - Yaounde (Centre)106.7FM
Femmes FMM Balmayo French107.1FM

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