Cameroon: Map, Location and Weather.

The current local time in cameroon is

Cameroon weather
Cameroon Weather: What the sky looks like when it is about to rain in Cameroon, West Africa. Photo courtesy: TFTF

Border and Map of Cameroon, West Africa

Cameroon Map, location  of Cameroon.
Cameroon Weather: What the sky looks like when it is about to rain in Cameroon, West Africa. Photo courtesy: CIA - The World Factbook.

Where is Cameroon?

Cameroon is located in Central West Africa.

Cameroon border countries include:

  • Lake Chad , to the north,

  • Chad, to the north east,

  • Central African Republic, to the East,

  • Republic of the Congo (Congo - Brazzaville), to the south east,

  • Gabon, to the South, and

  • Equatorial Guinea, to the south and South West,

  • Gulf of Guinea, to the south west, and

  • Nigeria, to the West.

What is the capital of Cameroon?

The political capital city of Cameroon is Yaounde, Cameroon.

Yaounde is also the Capital city of the Center province of Cameroon. Learn more about Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon here.

The economic capital of Cameroon is Douala, Cameroon.

Douala, Cameroon is also the Provincial capital of the Littoral Province of Cameroon. Learn more about Douala, Cameroon here

Weather Condition.

Weather report and current local weather condition in Yaounde is provide on the chart above.

Check the weekly forecast for temperature fluctuations if any.

The country code

is (+237).

Phone numbers are eight digits with area codes varying by carriers.

Cameroon time zone is GMT + 01.

The current local time in cameroon is

Note: Daylight Saving Time is not applicable on Cameroon time.

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