Cameroon National Parks

Cameroon national Parks

Cameroon national parks are open year-round, without Waza national park being the exception and open from 15 November to 15 June.

Korup national park has drawn lots of interest indecent years and much scientific research is carried on there.

Provided below is a list of national parks. This list include many protected area zoned as forest reserves for endangered species and enhancing biological diversity (biodiversity) in Cameroon.

Waza National Park

National Parks In Cameroon
Park NameTypeSize (hectares)
Abong-MbangForest Reserve ??
BabulesForest Reserve??
Bakossi MountainsProduction Forest ??
Banyang MboWildlife Sanctuary 38,500
Barombi-MbolakeProtection Forest 885
BénouéNational Park 180,000
BonepoupaProduction Forest20,000
Bouba NjidahNational Park 220,000
Boumba BekNational Park ??
Campo Ma'anNational Park??
DjaFaunal Reserve 526,000
DjengiNational Park ??
Douala-EdeaFaunal Reserve160,000
EjaghamProduction Forest 74,851
FaroNational Park 330,000
FungomForest Reserve ??
KalamaloueNational Park 4,500
KimbiFaunal Reserve 5,625
KorupNational Park 125,900
Lac LobekeFaunal Reserve 43,000
Lac OssaFaunal Reserve 4,000
Ma'an/Boucles du NtemForest Reserve ??
ManengoubaCloud Forest Region ??
MbambeForest Reserve ??
MongokeleForest Reserve ??
Mont KoupeProtection Forest 300
Mount NlonakoCloud Forest Site ??
Mount CameroonNational Park ??
Mozogo-GokoroNational Park 1,400
NkiNational Park ??
Nta AliProduction Forest31,500
Riviere MawneProduction Forest 44,900
Riviere MokokoProduction Forest 9,100
Rumpi HillsProduction Forest44,300
SanagaFaunal Reserve ???
SantchouFaunal Reserve 7,000
TakamandaProduction Forest 67,599
WazaNational Park170,000

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