Douala Africa City

Douala Africa City
Cameroon, Douala Africa City - Proposed Building For Downtown Douala business and financial district.

Douala Africa City Douala, the capital of Cameroon's Littoral Province, Cameroon's economic capital and Cameroon's biggest city is ranked at 112 amongst the world 300 topmost locations which are the most expensive places in the world for expatriates to live in.

Studies conducted to analyze the cost of living index in various cities across the globe reveal that Doula is the 122nd most expensive place in the globe for expatriates. Douala is the largest city in Cameroon and also the capital city of the Littoral Province.

Cameroon's largest maritime transport seaport and Cameroon's biggest International Airport ( Douala airport, DLA) are both located here and the city is home to a lot of immigrant population. Douala also boats of being the largest export economy of Cameroon with its principal exports being oil, cocoa, timber, coffee and tropical fruits.

Douala Africa city - Douala Cameroon maritime transport seaport
Cameroon, Douala Africa City - Douala Cameroon Maritime Transport Seaport.

As far as the country Cameroon goes the economy of the West African country is amongst the top ten economies of sub- Saharan Africa. However the government has been rendered incapable of handling the ever increasing strains of corruption, red Tape and growing unemployment and this coupled with high taxes have resulted in more than three fourths of the country’s population being under the International poverty thresholds.

How The Cost Of Living Index of Douala, Cameroon Is Calculated.

Douala Africa City - Bonanjo Douala Cameroun Business and financial district
Douala Africa City - Bonanjo Douala Cameroun Business and financial district.

Douala Africa City In order to conduct the study the various goods and services that people generally purchase are divided into 13 basket groups. The cost of living rank which is based on the average price you would need to pay for each of these basket groups. You can find out your customized living index also using the same computation methodology. In order to do that you would need to find out which of these 13 basket groups apply to you and the index would be based on the living indices if those groups.

The city however also ranks high in terms of the hardship that people who move over there experience. The hardship index rates as high as 30%.

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