Map of Cameroon Africa.

Map of Cameroon AfricaIn 1884 Germany colonises Kamerun as a protectorate. This territory is shown in the map labelled
1 January 1901 to 4 November 1911.

Cameroon MapAfter the World War 1 France and Great Britain colonize French Cameroun and British Cameroons as a mandate of the League of Nations. Cameroon becomes a United Nation Trust territory in 1945 and gains independence in 1960 and 1961. The Cameroon maps labelled
4 November 1911 to 4 March 1916;
28 June 1919 to 1 January 1960;
and 1 January 1960 to 1 June 1961;
1 June to 1 October 1961 - show the territorial borders of Cameroon during this time.

Map of Cameroon

In 1972 French and British Cameroon merged to form a Federal Republic of Cameroon and the map of Cameroon Africa changed again as shown in the map labelled 1 October 1961 to 2 June 1972.

Maps of Cameroon

Cameroon Maps

Maps Cameroon

Cameroon Map

Source: Wikimedia

Map of Cameroon

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