Njeuma, Dr Dorothy Limunga Njeuma ( Effange)
A startling Example of Cameroon Girls.

Dr Dorothy Limunga Njeuma Effange. A Remarkable Cameroon Girl

Dr Dorothy Limunga Njeuma ( Effange), the pioneer Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea, who is credited with transforming the world acclaimed University of Buea into a centre of excellence in Africa, and the world.

Born in Buea, Cameroon on 26th June 1943, she completed her education Cameroon (elementary), Nigeria (Enugu Queen's School), London (University College of London ) and then United States (Providence Brown University) where she obtained a PhD in Zoology.

Dr. Njeuma has devoted her live to the public service of Cameroon, helping countless Cameroonian youths in many ways, some unknown to Cameroonian youths.

Starting her public service career in 1970, She has served as assistant lecturer at the University of Yaounde I, Vice Minister of National Education in 1975; Technical Adviser at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; Director of Buea University Centre then Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea; the Rector of the University of Yaounde.

Her political career spans the political landscape of Cameroon. She served as a member of the Cameroon National Union (CNU), Cameroon's ruling party since independence.

As a member of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) she rouse to the top of the party being incorporated into the Political Bureau of the CPDM.

Dr. Njeuma now serves as one of only twelve (12) male dominated members of Cameroon ELECAM, the body charged with organizing all elections in Cameroon.

Married to Prof. Martin Njeuma she is blessed with two children.

Dr. Njeuma is a reflection of how far Cameroon girls can go in the Cameroonian society.

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Madam Prof. Dr Dorothy Limunga Njeuma ( Effange) Not rated yet
She was Vice Chamcellor at University of Buea when students were tortured and killed by forces of the police and millitary in 2005 because they requested …

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