** Mbanwei Joshua Tekwe - Scammer/thief stole USD $290 Western union Payment for me

Last week, I tried to order the pain medications he pretend that he's selling online (Sorry for my stupidity).

Sent funds via western union to ** Mbanwei Joshua Tekwe **. Was supposed to ship the pills from California 30 minutes after payment confirmation.

Payment was confirmed, western union receipt was provided but once the payment is cashed, he asked me my email to send me my shipping details, instead he send an email asking for more money to send the parcel and keep calling, threatening me to send more money.

It's incredible how morally bankrupt someone can be to do this to someone suffering pains seeking for help. Hope this helps anyone considering buying medication online and more importantly, be aware of those scams before sending your money to Cameroon.

The scammer pretend to sell medications online, minimum $300 USD order, either from Port or DUALA CMR or FROM CALI (CALIFORNIA), The main character used in scam is called "Ryan, merdam mack" located in California USA, and using the phone number: 805-364-0313 / 8053640313 / Email: wilsonben007 @ mail.com

Payment to be sent by Western Union or Money Order to:

Mbanwei Joshua Tekwe

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