Cameroon Television

Cameroon television sector is largely dominated by the state-run Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV Cameroon) station.

Based in Yaounde, the Capital of Cameroon, CRTV broadcasts nationwide and has sub-station for each of the ten provinces of Cameroon, which are called CRTV provincial stations.

CRTV is the main source of local Cameroon news used by the Cameroon government .

For more on Cameroon Radio Television visit their website at

A complete list of Cameroon TV stations is given below. TV Max was the first private Cameroon TV station.

Cameroon Radio and Cameroon Newspaper.

For other forms of Cameroon media, visit the list of Cameroon radio and listen to some of the soothing Cameroon music. Also the print press is still alive and strong in Cameroon. Visit the selective list of Cameroon newspapers.

  • Cameroon Radio and Television.
    CRTV (State-owned)
  • LTM TV
  • Canal 2 International, (mots populaire private Cameroon TV station)
  • STV 1
  • Spectrum Television
  • TV Max
Cameroon TV stations

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