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How to Get a Business or Visitor Visa for Cameroon.

Cameroon Visa Cameroon visitor visa has been highly sought-after in recent years due to various business opportunity in the nation.

Cameroon Visa -Cameroon Embassy

Businessmen in search of raw materials as well as many manufacturers looking to make inroads into the six major central african states see Cameroon as a strategic partner and most-go-to destination.

This website has been receiving countless demands for information about obtaining a Cameroon Visa from citizens whose nation do not have a Cameroon embassy, consular or any form of diplomatic representation.

We contacted our source at the Cameroon Delegation of National Security's Frontier Police in Yaounde, Cameroon. Below is the full information provided on how to obtain a Cameroon travel visa for everyone.

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For those businessmen with a Cameroonian embassy in your country of origin, the procedure is very simple:

Cameroon Visitor Visa - How to Get One At The Cameroon Embassy.

  • Download and file out the Cameroon Visitor/business Visa application and requirement files here
  • Obtain a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate from your health care provider/agent.
  • Obtain a letter of invitation from your Cameroon business partner
  • Obtain hotel reservations
  • Call the Cameroon embassy to take an appointment.
  • Be sure your passport has more than six (6) months validity.
  • Hold the required visa fee for your visa category. Check with the Cameroon embassy for the most current fees.
  • Be sure to hold any other documents listed in the visa application form.

This should easily land you a Cameroon visitor's or business visa.

However, not all countries of the world have diplomatic ties with Cameroon.

If you find yourself in a country without a Cameroon embassy, use the following guidelines to secure a Cameroon visitor's or business visa at the port of entry, i.e the Douala or Yaounde international airports.

Cameroon Visitor Visa - How to Get A Visa At The Cameroon Airport.

  • Get in contact with your Cameroonian business partner (Please beware of countless scams from Cameroon. Be careful ) Ask him/her to start the process of inviting you to Cameroon by following this procedure: Hand written application from invitee: Your Cameroonian business partner should write a stamped hand written application addressed to "The Director of Frontier Police", Yaounde, Cameroon. Elements of the letter should include: Mention of the fact that no Cameroon embassy exists at the country from which you, the invitee, is coming from. Reason for the invitees visit to Cameroon Duration of the stay of the invitee in Cameroon Accommodation arrangements and or hotel reservations Legalized copy of Cameroon ID card of the person inviting the invitee Certificate d'ebergement legalized at The Frontier Police, Yaounde, Cameroon. Photocopy of passport from person invited (invitee) with a validity of more than six months.
  • Deposit everything at the Director of Frontier Police at the Delegate General of National Security in Yaounde, Cameroon. Tell the taxi driver to drop you off at "Province", assuming you know how to get to Yaounde, Cameroon.
  • The visa will be issue to your Cameroon business partner immediately. He will then Email you the Cameroon visa and you print and hold it with you.
  • When you arrive your port of entry (i.e the International airport in Douala or Yaounde), you will be expected to pay the visa fee at that point to the police office post. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO CAMEROON FOR A VISA.

If you need personal assistance with this, use our consultation service to get personalized help.


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