Cameroonian Ten Famous Cameroon People.

Cameroonian (plural Cameroonians) is what Cameroon people are called. 

In French:

  • Camerounais (plural form Camerounais);
  • feminine gender: Camerounaise (plural form Camerounaises).

Cameroon people are in various works of life and some maybe very influential.

On this page we present you with some of the well known Cameroon people. 

Check the various categories listed below and you maybe surprise you know some Cameroonians already.

Its rather ironical that a small central west Africa country has such prominence on the world stage.

Drop us you thoughts. As always, we love to hear from you.

National Heroes of Cameroon.

  1. >Manu Dibango
  2. is a world renowned music legend from Cameroon. Manu Dibango has made a profound influence on music and musicians in almost all continents. From the likes of Micheal Jackson to young talented local Douala Cameroon musicians today.

Manu Dibango - Father of first disco record ever (Soul Makossa music). Photo courtesy: pierreolcese

  1. Roger Milla (Roger Miller) is a world football legend.
  2. Named 125th best living soccer player, Roger Milla is truly such. With an active football career from 1968 at age 13 to 1997 at age 43, Roger Milla displays sportsmanship at its best.

Three Football world cup appearances with goals in all three, Roger Milla caught the world  and his own country Cameroon off guards by scoring three goals in the 1990 soccer world cup in Italy at age 38.

Being a national hero, Roger Milla is today Cameroon Roving Ambassador - a lifetime appointment. What an honor.

  1. Samuel Eto'o Fils - is from Cameroon.
  2. Samuel Eto'o Fils is a phenomenal football (soccer) player.
  • Samuel Eto'o Fils is a striker like none other:
    • all-time leading goal scorer with 16 goals at African Nations Cup,
    • third highest goal scorer with 100 plus goals for FC Barcelona,
    • twice African Nations Cups champions,
    • an Olympic goal medal 
    • and the list is endless and is still being written.
    Ranking 75th on web-VIPs, Samuel Eto'o Fils is the first Cameroonian even to make it in to the web-VIP list of top 100 world internet most important persons.

The list of famous Cameroon people includes the likes of

  1. Patrick Mboma, Cameroon football star striker.
  2. Thomas Nkono legendary Cameroon football goalkeeper.

Famous Cameroon Politicians 
Presidents of Cameroon

  1. Amadou Ahidjo: Pioneer President of Cameroon.
  2. Credited with gaining Cameroon's independence from France and unifying British and French Cameroon.

  1. Paul Biya: Second President of Cameroon.
  2. Known for his unique tact and method in diplomacy.
  • Credited for peaceful handling of Bakassi peninsula deal with Nigeria at the International Court of Justice -ICJ.
  • Also acclaimed for gaining the most for Cameroon with Cameroon's vote on the UN Security council on war with Iraq.

  • Ladies of Cameroon: Cameroon Women

    1. Chantal Biya: Chantal Biya is the current first lady of Cameroon.

    As Cameroon's first lady since 23 April 1994, Chantal Biya has pioneered several initiatives in Cameroon and established many charitable organizations in Africa.

    Chantal Biya, based on her actions, is very much interested in healthcare and fashion industries of Cameroon.

    Through her Chantal Biya Foundation she sponsors many health care initiatives on the cure and better healthcare for HIV/AIDS patients worldwide.

    Chantal Biya is famous for her unique and awesome state-style dressings, customs and hairstyle (Banane). 

    Chantal Biya stands out in the ranks of First Ladies

    Frank (Franck) Biya, President Paul Biya's Son; popular first family member.

    1. Germaine Ahidjo :
    2. Pioneer First Lady of Cameroon. Wife of Admadou Ahidjo, Cameroon's First President
    1. Jeanne-Irène Biya (deceased July, 29 1992)
    2. Second First Lady of Cameroon. First wife of Paul Biya

    Meet Cameroon People

    Meet and chat with Cameroon people. Got questions about Cameroon? Let people from Cameroon answer your questions and make lasting friendships in the process.

    We provide you with states, metros and cities where to find Cameroonians. 

    Check out the map and see if you live nearby, then chances are you may have people of Cameroon living "next door".

    The internet has brought Cameroon online. There is a vibrant and lively chat forum of hundreds plus people of Cameroon from all works of live.

    Sign up, get into a chat room and be sure to ask questions. Cameroon people - for sure, will be trailed to answer your questions. We believe its still a free forum and open to all. Be sure to check.

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