Ebolowa Cameroon
An Overview of the Evergreen Town of Ebolowa in Cameroon Africa.

Ebolowa Cameroon - Where is Ebolowa Located?

Ebolowa Cameroon, Africa is located in the Atlantic Littoral Evergreen Forest in southern Cameroon. Like other cities and towns in Cameroon is very unique in all senses - terrain, culture, language, cuisines and weather.

Ebolowa, Cameroon, Africa

Ebolowa sits at the intersection of route P10, D39, highway N17 leading to Kribi deep seaport and highway N2 coming in from Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa and leading to Gabon and Equitorial Guinea in the South of Ebolowa.

Standing as the layover or rest area place for those travelling to and from Yaounde and Equatorial Guinea or Gabon, Ebolowa provides its visitors with a rather refreshing rainforest type weather and local Cameroon food.


cameroon coffee beans

Cameroon is the world fourth producer of cocoa beans.

Producing over 200 thousand tons per year, Cameroon Cocoa industry provides a source of livelihood to over 50, 000 local farmers.

So the next bar of Chocolate you eat, remember that the beans, may well be from a local farmer in Ebolowa, Cameroon, Africa.

For your next vacation, why not visit us in Cameroon Africa to see what it takes to grow a cocoa bean.

Ebolowa, Cameroon - Touristic Attractions in Ebolowa Cameroon, Africa.

The major tourist attraction of the city of Ebolowa is the artificial Municpal Lake of Ebolowa situation in the heart of the city as depicted in the Ebolowa pictures.

Ebolowa Cameroon Africa Umbrella market in Center City

Many tourists however coming here as a stopover point on their way to visiting one of many Cameroon national reserve parks, the CAMPO-MA’AN National park.

Due to its unique faunal and foral species in this dense dark rainforest, the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) has been working hard to develop and transform the park as a world ecotouristic destination.

Ebolowa, Cameroon - Economy of Ebolowa, Cameroon Africa.

Ebolowa contributes greatly towards the GDP of Cameroon. Being rich in rainforest resources, Ebolowa is the centre of sawmills and timber logging activities in Cameroon.

The Atlantic Evergreen Forest of Ebolowa Cameroon

The local sawmills prepare timber for onward exportation to Kribi and Douala seaport for use in furnitures and other needs in Western and Eastern nations of the world.

Of significant interest to Cameroon's economy is the largest scale cocoa trade from this region, helping place Cameroon as the fourth world largest producer of Cocoa.

Ebolowa is a favored destination for the famous Cameroon Agro-Pastorale show

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