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Cameroon Bank

Cameroon Bank
Cameroon Bank
Cameroon Bank
Cameroon Bank

It is not a good idea that in a Country like our great nation Cameroon to have such a limited number of companies.

One should identify that that is a problem.

I think our government should encourage home companies by doing the following.

- Restrict profit repatration.
- Reduce taxes for home companies.
- Grant loans to home companies.
- Encourage foriegn companies to invest in the country if not they stop importation, espacially Chinais companies and PMUC.

The above and many others will be receive by most Cameroonians with joy and happiness.business wise, our country is suffering.

Chinais have destroy our economy with poor quality product with low prices.

We try to produce but we can stand their rate of competition, God help us because this problem has a multiplier effect in our country.

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