Abram Hannibal
Was He Borned In Cameroon?

by dango tumma

Abram Hannibal wasn't born in cameroon, that state didnt exist yet.

Hannibal, was born in Cartage, near Tunisia in Cartage. Your history is out of wack.
I will write a well define history of that trouble land next time.

Editorial Reply-

Dear Mr. Dango Tumma,

We appreciate you contribution to the site and your desire to help us promote Cameroon, Cameroonians and the history of this beautiful nation of Cameroon, Africa.

For your information:
History holds it that
Abram Hannibal was from Northern Cameroon i.e "that Abram Hannibal had come from the now defunct sultanate of Logon, located on the border of present-day Chad and Cameroon"

Visit the Pushkin family libraryto learn more about your history, Cameroon history.

Take note of Russian, French and many other scholarly works reporting Abram Hannibal as being born in Northern Cameroon.

This includes world renowned Igor Danilov and Vladimir Nabokov.

If you need more references let us know and we will be please to provide them.

I do not believe you know more about the Pushkin's ancestral family history than they do.

We are anxiously awaiting your promised written contribute to "correct" us on this subject.

Stay well and keep warm with all the snow fall this year.

Best regards,

By editor


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