Abric Oil and Gas, Cameroon - Offer Letter From Abric Oil & Gas Cameroon- WOW-OFFER from

by MBT-Khalid
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

Cameroon Oil Explorers

Cameroon Oil Explorers

The following is self-explanatory Letter from Abric Oil and Gas Cameroon Africa. ;-)

(Contact emails blocked for public safety reasons)

from Career Department Abri Oil and gas

date Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 10:08 PM


hide details 10:08 PM (41 minutes ago)

ATTENTION: Mohammad B. T.

This mail is coming to you on your success emergence from other applicants for the same post/job you applied. and also its coming from us based on the following as agreed by the panel that is in authority for this project of your job.

The selection and the appointment are done automatically without any online or telephonic interview but based on the following:

1. Curriculum Vitae and other essential Qualification

2. The level of experience that is needed.

We employ you based on four core values namely Productivity, Talent, Ambitions and Character and we expect you to exhibit these core values.

Abric oil and gas will take care of the expenses of your Flight Ticket to Cameroon.

Due to past experiences i have had with international staff that absconded when they got to Cameroon, the Cameroon law now makes it mandatory for every International Staff to submit an Affidavit of Guarantee/Cameroonian Certificate Contract Work Authority from the Cameroon High Court in Cameroon .

This ensures that any staff coming to work will not leave the company on getting to the Cameroon.

Therefore You are required to contact the immigration Attorney if you accept the terms and conditions of work to enable and assist you procure an affidavit of guarantee/Cameroonian Certificate Contract Work Authority which must be presented to us within one (1) week on receipt of this
offer letter so that we would commence the processing of your travel papers.

Below is the contact information of the immigration attorney whom you are to contact immediately to obtain an Affidavit of Guarantee from Cameroon High court.


Name of Solicitor: ATTORNEY Solomon Abudlahi (Esq.)

Designation: Employee solicitor/Senior Advocate

Address: suite 2, Ground floor, New bill Douala Cameroon


Failure to provide the affidavit of guarantee and Cameroonian Certificate Contract Work Authority within the one week on getting this Appointment means an automatic termination of your Appointment.

Also it was agreed by the board of directors that you will bear the cost of the fee for the affidavit of guarantee and Cameroonian Certificate Contract Work Authority and on confirmation of the affidavit/Cameroonian Certificate Contract Work Authority from the Cameroon high court/Cameroon Immigration office you are to submit the Certificates to us along with an account information on where you will be reimburse for the expense you incur as regards to procuring the affidavit/Cameroonian Certificate Contract Work Authority.

You are advised to write a letter for reimbursement addressed to the chief financial officer MR WILLIAM GEORGE showing a scanned copy of payment receipts, approval letter from the Cameroonian Attorney here in Cameroon, letter for the 75% advance salary of the Two month upfront salary and account information where the reimbursement will be paid. Note this reimbursement will be made on the confirmation of the affidavit of guarantee/Cameroonian Certificate Contract Work Authority.


Abric oil and gas

Frank Song Indifia

Recruitment Manager

Does this look similar to the contract offer letter you received also?

Consider sharing it here with the world to stop this from hurting someone.

Thank you

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