Agronomist - Buea, job seeker

by Vera Sham
(Buea, Cameroon )

I am called Vera Sham, a holder of Bachelor degree in agriculture with specialty in Plant Health Management, i was the best graduating student 2015, from the faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, one time scholar of the Cameroon Professional Society.

I am competent in:

Crop production (tomato, banana etc)
Crop Protection (pest and disease management in Crops)
Farm Management
Food quality control
Field research and
Agricultural extension services

With all due respect, i am seeking for a job of an Agric technician, extension agent, a farm Manager, a field research assistant or any other agricultural related position. My number is



shamvera AT ymai. .com

I will be grateful if this job opportunity is given to me

Vera Sham

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