American School Of Douala (ASD).

The American School of Douala was created and put in place in 1978. 

The American School of Douala is located in the dominantly expatriate Douala quarters of Bonapriso - a luxury residential suburb community in Douala (Prime Real Estate area), 1.3 miles from the Douala International airport (DLA).

The American School of Douala  L'Ecole Américaine de Douala

767, Ave des Palmiers
B. P.  1909 Douala, 
Republic of Cameroon, West Africa
Tel: (237) 3342 14 37 
Fax:  (237)  3342 83 93
Mobile: (237) 7791 65 89

L'Ecole Américaine de Douala

Logo of The American School of Douala, Cameroon West Africa - School logo

Official Mission Statement Of ASD

"The American School of Douala strives to develop students that will be competitive, self-confident, compassionate, and positively contribute to our global community. 

ASD provides a supportive, multi-cultural environment with a high-standard American curriculum encouraging students to reach their maximum potential."

The concept of the school is very similar to the French Lycee Dominique Savio of Douala - without the extensive network and popularity of Dominique Savio. 

It seeks to provide a high-standard American style educational curriculum to its students.

The schools takes care of the needs of American foreign servants in the Douala region. 

The American School of Douala, Cameroon provides quality American-style education from kindergarten (k3) to grade 12 studies, i.e

American School of Douala, Cameroon West Africa.

  • Kindergarten,
  • Primary (Elementary),
  • Secondary (middle),
  • High schools.

Key components that the school's eduction seeks to achieve are personal growth, academic excellence and global leadership skill.

Admission Fees and Application Forms 

US $ 7,000.00 to US $ 14,000.00 per academic year depending on grade level plus dues and levies. For more on the admission fee for this school, go here

School calender

The school follows the United States semesters system with the first semester running from september to February and the second semester from February to June of the school year and a summer vacation from June to September. For the school annual schedule, go here.

School student population

approximately 120 students make up the school from over 20 nations of the world. 

This is one of the best student to teacher staff ratios in the African nation of Cameroon and with great results.

Government public schools generally have the worst student to teacher ratio but surprisingly produce some of the smartest kids from native Cameroonians, who go on to forge very successful careers in all fields of studies.

Their education tough rough is more in touch with the real world and the realities of life.


The ASD has a teaching staff of 22 from a multi-national background adding to the schools objective of providing a diverse cultural environment and understanding of global issues to its students.

The schools principal language of study is english with a five (5) hours of weekly French course. ASD Staffing and governance.

Facilities provided include

  • 20 state of the art technology classrooms
  • auditorium
  • playground -- soccer field , running tracks
  • Ultra- modern media center computer lab with 24/7 internet connectivity
  • Library
  • outdoor athletic and swimming activities
  • gymnasium 
  • go here for full listing of ASD facilities

Schools governance

The American School of Douala is comprised of the following bodies:

  • Board of governors
  • Teaching and support staff
  • a Parent Teachers Association (PTA)

For more information about the American School of Douala (ASD), please contact the school directly using the above listed contact information

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