Axxentis Job Offer - Is a FAKE Cameroon Company 0023771066517

by Anthony

Cameroon Axxentis Job Offer Is a Scam

Cameroon Axxentis Job Offer Is a Scam

I have applied for the post of PC/LAN Technician in Axxentis via the ads in Gumtree . sg

After answering a few questionnaire, I was successfully accepted and was given a letter of employment.

However,I am required to make a hotel booking in Victoria Guesthouse for a month and will be moved to the company quarters afterwards.

I browse the company website and Hotel and found out that they exist but the website contact numbers given is different from what was given to me. I tried to call the website contact numbers to confirm but it is out of reach.

Below are the details of the Employer and the hotel emailed to me.

Mr. Abdul Karim Mohammad
HRM, Axxentis S.A

Victoria Guest House Inc
Address:28 kappa road down beach,Limbe

I have also attached first part of the contract for your review.

Please advise.

Thank you all.

Response to Axxentis Job Offer

Dear Sir:

Axxentis Job Offer is a scam. Any money you pay will lead to another request for payment until you run crazy.

Save yourself the trouble and make better use of your funds and cease and decease from all contacts with this scammers and low-lifers.


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