Bafut Medical Center - Healthcare Personnel Needed!!!


Why travel abroad from Cameroon for international medical standards when you can travel to the Bafut village?

Modern healthcare and medical services are no longer out of your reach.

The Bafut Medical Center, situated on the left hand side of the Bamenda-Wum Road, next to PSS Bafut is gearing up to go operational Thursday, December 8th, 2016.

The medical center administration is currently receiving job applications for the following positions of employment opportunities available for:

- 1 Hospital Manager (Should have a minimum BSc. qualification and 5 years experience working in a healthcare management or related capacity)

- 1 Head Nurse
- 3 Emergency Department Nurses
- 2 Outpatient Nurses
- 1 Laboratory Technician
- 1 Pharmacy Technician

- 1 Human Resource Manager
- 1 Accountant
- 2 Secretaries

- 2 Cafeteria/Kitchen Cooks
- 1 Cleaner
- 1 Security Worker/Guard

note: all staff must have a minimum of 3 years working experience. Healthcare personnel must have at least a Bachelor's Degree or Associate Degree (HND) in the related field. Cafeteria, cleaning and security positions are exempted from qualifications, though any documented formal training is an added advantage. Secretarial applicants must have minimum diplomas with bilingualism as an advantage.

Application files should contain:

1) An application letter addressed to the:
CEO/Proprietress of the
Bafut Medical Center
Agyati-Bafut, Mezam Division
North West Region, Cameroon

2) A Letter of Motivation (minimum 100 words)

3) One Reference Letter from a former employer in the related field or academic instructor (scanned if handwritten by the referee)

4) Copies of Relevant Certificates (DO NOT send these by email, copies of certificates will be presented along with originals during interview)

Application files with items 1, 2 & 3 above should be typed in soft copy Microsoft word format and submitted to the email address:
on or before Saturday, November 16th, 2016

For additional inquiries contact: +237-674-815-363 or +237-679-592-102

Salaries are very competitive. Efficient expression in the English language and bilingualism are an advantage.

Selected applicants will be contacted for interviews before December 1st.

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