Bih in the Ngaoundere Regional hospital - Negligence

by Delphine

How do we stop negligence?

I just got a letter from my uncle telling how my sister die.

When will Cameroonian hospitals treat people has humans?

My sister died just because the medical professionals didn't care.

The pain I am going through now is unbearable.

I pray we do something so no family goes through this.

Bih in the Ngaoundere Regional hospital.

She was 9 months 1 week pregnant on the 1st of April 2012.

That sunday morning she became restless.

I then took her to the Regional hospital where she was attending her prenatal clinic.

On arrival it was noticed that her BP was high;

The chief Midwife put her on observation instructing the other nurses to following her up and that they will induce the delivery on Monday the 2nd April 2012.

When he left, (the chief Midwife is a man) the Medical Doctor a gyneacologist came and saw her in the waiting room of the marternity.

After questioning her he asked the nurses to induce the delivery.

They told him that the chief Midwife has asked them to put her on observation untill Monday.

He insisted and the nurses had to obey his instructions and wrote in her book 'by the order of Dr Youmbe'.

When the Chief Midwife came back and saw what the others have done he was so angry and told them that what they have done is unfaire.

At about 5.30pm Cameroon time she gave birth to a baby boy.

After delivery she was remove fron the delivery room to the
waiting room of the maternity.

After about 45 minutes she started bleeding seriously.

The nurses were not around.

They came afterwards and realised that all the placenta was not evacuted.

They removed the rest of the placenta.

On Monday morning we were asked to go home.

I had to pick a quarrel with the nurses that how can they send us home when she has lost alot of blood.

' the hospital is full' was their response.

We went home on that day.

She was a bit fine but on Tuesday she was so uneasy. I went back to the hospital and complain; the doctor gave me a prescription of which I bought.

On Wednesday it was not better.

I had to take her back to the hospital. We met the Chief Midwife and he examine her and asked that she be given drips and aminopheline.

At about 4.30pm the going was tough.

I had to meet another medical doctor who came and realize that Bih was anemic. He ordered for blood transfusion.

When the this was done it was too late. 20 minutes after the transfusion Bih died.

My niece died in my hands. She was crying of back ache until she died.

I saw my niece going and I was helpless.

This is a memory that will never go off my mind.

She died with the name of JESUS on her lips.

May The Almighty God grant her the best and forgive her all her trespasses here on earth.

Bih's Uncle.


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