business authenticity verification sought... DIVINE LINK S.A.

Dear Sir,

We would be happy if you would be so kind to provide us few information about the
following company to make sure how much this company is genuine and reliable
in business dealings.

They are looking for supplier to supply about 2,000,000 pcs of white T-Shirts for
the Board of Contract Procurement (BCP). The Order is big indeed and we feel
it wise to know the authenticity of the matter before taking any initiatives.

The company details:

13 Rue Njo Njo
B.P. 3320 Douala
Republic of Cameroon
+237 33402011
+237 33402013
Skype ID: divine.olu1.
Contact person: Divine Olu,

Shall be grateful for your this help and very sorry for the trouble.

Await yours.


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Jun 15, 2022
The bank can be trusted
by: Mr Arthur

I am putting here a story of mine I was addressed to this bank to set up an offshore account for my loan which I did and the bank was very well coming the offshore account manager is very nice person I can never forget him he has been so helpful with me through my account my loan receive and write up to this moment I can never forget about him he's a very nice person i advice anyone who wants to have a transaction with this man go ahead and trust the bank this Bank is a trusted of your bank for you thank you.

Jun 15, 2022
This bank is 100% real for you to trust
by: Anonymous

I have been working with this bang for a long time I created my offshore account with him and never for once I had a problem my loan was received and I completed my project so I will advise anyone who wants to work with this Bank trust the bank and work with him I do not know who put this type of information about this Bank it is bank is a trusted Bank for this I assure you 100% work with them and you will have no regret all my transaction was successful even right up to date I still own an account with this Bank and I am doing my international transaction they're offshore banking system is just wonderful so I advise anyone who is in contact with this Bank trust and have faith is a very trusted Bank very good offshore Bank that will help your business for international transaction I am saying this because I am a weakness and the bank has helped me so many ways so people you can trust bank and have no doubt

Feb 18, 2022
Please advise
by: Mr T Paul

We are a small company with the goal to expand, we have been offered a loan from a Cameroun person, and they say we need to set an offshore bank account with the Head Office
WBC Bank Cameroun
Rue Elig Efi
PO Box: 582
Republic of Cameroun
Contact person: Mr. Nasiem Tadrous
(Offshore Account Manager)
, Email:
Cell: (+237) 242 955 467
Fax: (+237) 242 955 467
Bank Whatsapp:(+237) 674639070

Can someone please advise us if this bank is real etc., we are not able to find a lot of other information about this bank online, apart from the webpage the loan agent gave us above
We can be contacted in the following ways.
We very much appreciate your support and advice, and if this is a scam, we would be delighted to hear from anyone, regards honest project finance options.
Mr. Telly Paul
Founder, LensCap Ltd
China Sourcing import export
Poland: European distribution
India: Advanced Technologies HQ
New Zealand: Extreme innovations
Philippians: Logistics/ Administration
Mobile: WeChat: WhatsApp 08613824407242 Skype: lenscapsales

May 30, 2017
by: Cameroon

Dear Reader:

This is a typical scam. Nothing real with this company or the order. My advice, cease contacts immediately!!!

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