Cam. Agro. Max. ltd & Globalmaritimelogistic - Legit Cameroon Companies?

My company existing in Palestinian Territory held an agreement to export three (3) containers of green cardamom from Cameroon Agro Max LTD in Cameroon.

This was at the end of Oct.2011. During this long period of time my company transfered them what money amount they were asking so they could send what we had agreed upon.

Subsequently I became suspicious of what is supposed to be my fright agency.

Despite the agreement between our com & Dr. Chali (Not his really name) of Cam. Agro. Max. was including the fright costs, he convinced me to pay the amount of (13500 U.S.$) as refundable insurance which will be transferd to us after receiving our shipment at port of discharge in Asdood-Israel.

We argued a lot of time until he finally agreed to deduct this from the final invoice between us.

Global maritime logistic provided me with my tracking code with them & send me an e.mail confirming that they are holding my commodity & assured me that my shipment will reach it's destination within max. one month.

I tracked my shipment for more than three weeks, my tracking code hence told me that our shipment were held at terminal c at Durban Port. And because of the many delays occurred i decided this time to checkout directly with the Durban Authority.

What shocked me was to find that there was no goods as my tracking code was suggesting.

I contacted both my shipper & the fright company, they both have told me that the shipment is existing, at Port Elizabeth this time, and the delay occurred
because they need money for making permeation from Ministry of Agriculture in South Africa which will coast me 4200 U.S.$( I hesitate at first) then they ask for additional 7500U.S.$.

This makes me feel unrest & I decided to contact the Cameroonian embassy in Israel to assist. They ask me to send all the documents & I did. I call them many times & the secretary told me that will take time.

I become patient until yesterday when Globalmaritimelogistic had send me an e.mail (which i'll attach to this letter) which proved the theory of conspiracy against our com.

I cut the e.mail & resend it to the embassy's e.mail so that we can both react & catch those scammers.

But the embassy doesn't take an immediate action or for other reasons taking time to respond.

I'll send you the same e.mail which i received so that I can find assessment which might help.

With our best wishes to you

Response to Cam. Agro. Max. ltd & Globalmaritimelogistic - Legit Cameroon Companies?


So sorry for your lost. This is a huge sum of money that can bankrupt a small business in the current economic crisis.

The article you wrote is full of incompleteness. To achieve the greatest good, I advice you to attached the payment slips. The slips from Western Union usually contains the REAL names of these crooks and you do yourself no good by hiding these. It is a powerful weapon as it can get the local community to be aware and develop a distaste for the ill-wealth of such individuals.


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