Cameroon Airline CAMAIR CO, Douala - Seeking Position

by Sanjay Puthanveetil
(Ernakulam, Kerala, India)

Myself Sanjay.

I am presently residing in India. I am looking out for job opportunities in Douala.

I have been working in an Indian company for the past 11 months in Douala.

I have completed Diploma in airline management and also IATA/UFTAA recognised by canada.

Language profiency - in English, well handled and also French is Average ( is possible to deal with client who speak french or english).

Ready to adjust to any atmosphere of the work.

Ready to take initiative and work as a part of a team or individually.

Also knowledge in handling clients at airport

Response to Cameroon Airline CAMAIR CO - Jobs

Greeting Sanjay:

Finding jobs in Cameroon is very difficult thing given the huge unemployment rates.

However, with your skill set you may find it easier but you need to make good you of your networking skills.

Talk to your references you listed above and let them know your interest and intentions.

Don't just limit yourself to Cameroon, think of Angola, Rwanda and many of the Eastern Africa states a that are doing very well nowadays. Have you tried Equatorial Guinea? Thats right next door to Cameroon but is ranked by the world bank as the world's fastest growing economy for the next decade.

I am certain that with proper networking you can find something very lucrative in Africa to match your skills.


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