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Enquiry of Bananas - Bristol -Mr Parsons
by: Axel F. CHEANG

Dear Mr Parsons,

We have an associate ( A BONA FIDE Company) in Cameroon.

We can work by LC basis.

We also have associate in U.K.

If you are genuinely interested,please email asap.,money will be needed eventually to process the Visa and clearing you safely out from Immigration, but these are when the business idea ,commitment and trust levels have been resolved.

Best Regards,


Cameroon Bananas supplier
by: Frankline

I am Frankline i just finish my studies in the Netherlands and will be going back home to set up a business in Import and Export. I will like to know more about the quantity of banana you will need and how long will the contract last?

I will be traveling next weekend if you are serious contact me through my Netherlands number so that we can negotiate or write me through I will be interested in a long term contract and off course large quantity. Good luck and i hope to hear from you.

Best Regard

Supplier of Bananas From Cameroon Africa.
by: Axel F. Cheang

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