Cameroon Beers: What Kind of Beer Do Cameroonians Like Most?

(South Africa)

Cameroon Beer Billboard Advertising

Cameroon Beer Billboard Advertising

Please I need which beer do Cameroonians like most and if I can get in South Africa.

We organizing to Celebrate the World Cup and I am supposed to bring a dish or drink or dessert for the Country that I voted for.  

Please assist

Greetings Ma'am
Thank you for visiting our website ( ) and submitting your question.
The popular beers in Cameroon are "33 Export , Tuborg, Mutzig, Isenbeck, ".

They are locally brewed by Bresseries Du Cameroun.

I don't know where in South Africa you are but in areas with a large Cameroonian population the Cameroonian restaurants tend to import this.
Guiness, Castel, Henneken are popular imported beers in Cameroon.
Let me know if I could be of further assistance.
Kind regards

Thank you very much for your response. 

Now I am thinking of a dessert, any simple recipe that you assist me with will be most appreciated.

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