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Find Cameroonians online and Network with fellow Cameroon people.

Cameroon Chat Club

Looking to Chat with fellow Cameroonians? Well,  you came to the right place.

With the increase of internet speeds in Cameroon and the decrease of internet surfing cost (now at 5FCFA per minutes or less) many more Cameroonians are using the internet to connect with each other and the diaspora.

Many have found opportunities to network and share ideas and leads being it with regards to education, jobs, business and many more.

So where and how do you get to meet Cameroonians? 

The major Cameroonian online Cameroun Chat rooms are on
Sign in and create an account for yourself.
Then network with others.
You will be able to network with countless Cameroon people from various regions of the world and various works of live. Make yourself at home.

On Kikiriky, you will find Cameroonian to chat with from over 60 nations in  the world, representing all continents. The bulk of the members are in Cameroon, USA, France, Britain, Germany and Italy.

To get the best response be sure to complete your profile and fill in all fields to enable others fully understand you and see areas of common strength and complimentary needs. 

We also ask that you spread the word to fellow Cameroonians in your community. Tell them about kikiriky and ask them to join you online. The more the better.

Also let us know what you think of Kikiriky by filling in the form below. Tell us about your like and dislikes and we will be happy to communicate this to the kikiriky group.

Camerounais Join Cameroonians Online.
The Cameroon Chat community on kikiriky

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