Cameroon Client Looking to do Business

by Jonathan

What is your question?

Client from Cameroon has contacted us to sell them 2mil t-shirts. It's a contract for a year to complete the task.

they will cover all shipping, and upon being the winner of the contract, Funds will be send over immediately to cover all cost.

What is the FULL name of your company?

Charis Internationals Service LTD. LLC

What is the FULL name, address, email and contact information of your Cameroon partner company? If you are reporting a scam, or possible fraud activity, provide NAMES and scan copy of your money transfers from the transfer agent, i.e WesterUnion, MoneyGram, Bank Draft.

Contact Person: David MBA
Company: CDC - Cam Development Corp.

No funds have been exchanged as of 05/13/2015.

Checking to ensure they are not a Fraudulent organization

Please, take time to help us help you, by explaining how and wehre you made contact with these business partner?

That's the other problem, they found us. On the email, there is all the normal information, but no contact phone number.

I research CDC, and they are actually listed on the Wikipedia website as being the largest employer in Cameroon.

They also list a Hon. Anthony Bela as a contact person.

They have requested No monies upfront, and have explained after the bid is release, the funds would be send over for deposit.

He (David) requested a 1% fee for himself upon completion of the contract.

All he requested of us was a proforma invoice to submit for the bid.


Dear Jonathan:

Do not ship anything to Cameroon without the funds in your bank account and settled.

These are professional scammers and you can't win them.

My advice:
Stop all communication with them.

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