Cameroon Climate.

Cameroon climate can be divided into two groups: a dry season and a rainy (wet) season.

Given the topography and geographically location of Cameroon, the climate varies vastly just within a few travel distance.

For instance, Douala and Buea are less than one hour apart but their Climates are completely different.

Generally one can divide Cameroon into a northern and southern region for Climate description purposes - this division is for discussion purposes and a generalization but conditions you experience on the ground are bound to be different.

Northern region.

Rainy season: May to September

Generally little to no rainfall.

Drought is common place.

Very Dry

Dry season: October to April

Average temperature 32C

Sharp drops in temperature are experienced during the night especially on the Adamawa Plateau region.

Southern Region.

Can get very humid.
Dry season: November to February
Rainy season: March to June and August to September (major rain fall)

Average temperature: 79F (26C)

Average rainfall 100cm to 1000cm depending on the region, generally highest in the western coastal mountainous slopes and decreasing northwards.

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