Cameroon Culture
An Overview of the cultural traditions and African customs of Cameroon People.

Cameroon culture is emblematic of Cameroon's diversity. 

With  a population of just under 20 million people  living on 50% of Cameroon land size (475, 442 sq. km) and consisting of over 250 ethnic groups Cameroon cultural and traditional customs is as diverse as it could be. 

Lets look at specific components to Cameroon's cultural diversity

Cameroon population Who are Cameroon People (Cameroonian)

The population of Cameroon is made of over 250 tribes and ethnic groups, each with its distinctive, dress style, dance style, musics, songs, food, drinks, language, believes, etc.

The major African ethnic groups are: Cameroon - read more about Cameroon Africa Cameroon Culture introduces you to traditional customs and culture of cameroon. 

Bantus group consisting of the following major tribes: Beti, Bassa, Bakundu, Maka, Douala, Pygmies…… 

  • Semi-Bantus group
  • consisting of the follow notable tribes: Bamileke, Gbaya, Bamoun, Tikar……..

  • Sudanese group
  • consisting of the follow notable tribes: Fulani (Fulbe or Fula), Mafa, Toupouri, Shoa-Arabs, Moundang, Massa, Mousgoum….

    The dominant tribes being the Bamileke, Fulani, Tikar and Pygmy (Pygmies) tribe of Baka. See Cameroon Map and read more on Cameroonian.

    Cameroon culture originates from these diverse groups.

    Cameroon Flag

    Cameroon flag attempts to capture Cameroon culture. The flag of Cameroon consists of three equally spaced vertical bands of Green, Red and Yellow with a five point star in the center. Learn more about the history of Cameroon flag and the meaning of Cameroon Flag.

    Cameroon Job - Major occupation in Cameroon

    The major occupation in Cameroon is agriculture. 

    Agriculture has a long history in Cameroon culture. Lots of grain crops such as Corn, beans, etc; fruit crops such as Pineapples, Bananas, Plantains, Oranges; vegetables just to mention a few.

    Cameroon is also a major exporter of food to Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, Equitorial Guinea. 

    Asked what they do, most Cameroonians will tell you they are "Managing" meaning they have no steady occupation or source of income.

    With a reputation of hustlers, Cameroonians are very versatile in the job arena and are not picky as employment is very limited. 

    Hustling is a skill they carry even beyond the boards of Cameroon.

    Cameroon Sport

    Cameroonians are world renowned for their Soccer success dating back to 1982 with the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon exiting the 1982 FIFA World Cup undefeated on their very first participation.

    Then on their second participation in 1990, led by the legendary Roger Milla, Cameroon defeated the then FIFA World Cup Champions, Argentina and made it to the quarter finals, setting a world record for an Africa soccer team.

    Soccer is an obsession to both males and females in Cameroon.

    Predominantly a male sport, soccer (football) unites all corners of Cameroon.

    On any day of the week, bars always have a soccer game playing on the TV screens.

    While Soccer is an integral part of Cameroon culture, soccer is not the only Cameroon sport.

    Read more about other sports in Cameroon and some great legendary Cameroon sport persons.

    African Customs:
    Breast ironing and Female Genital Mutilation

    Get the facts straight. Learn about Breast Ironing and What is being done to stop it

    What is Breast Ironing

    What are the Breast Symptoms Caused by Breast Ironing in Cameroon, Africa?

    Breast Ironing in Africa - A description of the practice of ironing girls breasts in an effort to prevent teenage pregnancy and the breast symptoms of such practice.

    African Customs: - Cameroon Religion

    Religion is an active component of the culture of Cameroon.

    Christianity makes up 40% of the Cameroonian population with all Christian faiths being actively represented, both Catholic and Protestant groups.

    The visits to Cameroon by the former and current Popes show how active christianity is in Cameroon.

    Muslims make up 20% of the Cameroonian population.

    The Islamic community in Cameroon is very strong and active allover the nation and more so in the northern region.

    About 40% of Cameroonians practice indigenous religions or ancestral worship., commonly referred to as traditional African religions.

    Learn more about Cameroon's religions.

    Cameroon Arts

    • Cameroon Clothing

    • Cameroon culture is reflected in Cameroon traditional dresses and varies greatly by region and ethnic groups. Dresses are more mono-colored in the northern parts and greatly mixed colored in the southern and western regions. Learn more here about Cameroon dresses and attires.
    • Cameroon Literature

    • Cameroon's cultural diversity is also reflected in Cameroon literature. Some of the best known works are:The White Man of God by Kenjo JumbanHouseboy by Ferdinand OyonoThe Crown of Thorns by Linus Asongand countless works by world acclaimed writers Mongo Beti, Bernard Fonlon, and others. Read more about Cameroon literature.
    • Cameroon food

    • Cameroon is an agricultural nation. The Cameroon food you get depends on the region of the country you find yourself in.

      A staple is rice or fufu served with some form of sauce with meat or fish.

      Grilled spiced fish cooked over charcoal served with fried plantains chips, batons de manioc (feuilles) is very popular, especially when eating out.

      Read more about Cameroon Africa food, Cameroon cooking and Drinks here.

    • Cameroon Music

    • While you certainly want to leave your winter dresses behind be sure to take along your dancing shoes as music is the lifeblood of Cameroon.

      Musics is the soul of Cameroon culture; bars, hotels, offices, churches, restaurants - you name it. Even at the bus stations you may think it is a large club, with all varieties of musics beaming out in full force. It is not uncommon to see pedestrians get carried away by their latest musical hits and start dancing on the streets.

      Cameroon musics varies by ethnic groups: Makossa from Douala region led by legendary Manu Dibango being the most famous; Bikutsi from the Yaounde area led by Les Tetees Brulees; Bottle Dance from the Bamenda northwest region; and lots more.

      Read more about Cameroon Music.

    • Cameroon Craftwork

    • Cameroon, rich in natural resources, has a wide range of arts and crafts.

      In the northwest highland areas, rich in forest, carvings are the dominant arts. You can easily find and buy great arts carvings of your choice: masks, spiders, sculptures of various animals, sculptures of prominent individuals.

      You can even order a custom made carving or sculpture at very reasonable price as a Cameroon souvenir.

      In the north and eastern region, you will find awesome bronze-work and brass-work by the Tikar and Foumban people.

      Clay works are very common throughout the country.

      The most recent revolution in Cameroon arts is called Bambo Magic. Read more about Cameroon sculptures and Craft-work.

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