Douala Cameroon West Africa
Cameroon Douala Places
Touristic sites of  Douala, Africa City.

Landmarks - Some Touristic sites of Douala are:

  • The Bonaberi Bridge, River Wouri and the Coast line of the Wouri River
  • Douala is divided into two halves by the Wouri River.

    The famous Bonaberi Bridge interconnects them - Bonaberi and the main Douala City.

    Bonaberi bridge connecting Bonaberi a quarter of Douala to the main city of Douala.

    Serves as the principle point of entry for the southern half of Cameroon to Douala.

    The Bonaberi Bridge used to be the longest bridge in west Africa. The bridge was constructed in the early 1950s by the French.

    Today, the Bonaberi Bridge is very important to the economy of Douala - Africa City.

    The bridge carries heavy volumes of cars, cargo trucks servicing Cameroon Douala city and a very busy train route.

    After 50 years of poor maintenance, the Bonaberi Bridge is getting a face-lift from the Cameroon government with the help of French engineers.
    Visit the Bonaberi Bridge - take a walk on the pedestrian corners of the bridge as you take a view of the estuaries of the River Wouri.

    There is a beautiful long walk on the shores of the River Wouri. Many musical, acting and sporting activities go on here.

    The beautiful picturesque banks of the Wouri River leads you into the Cameroon Douala Port - a seaport with a heavy traffic of maritime transport activities catering for landlocked central African states.

Other famous landmark Cameroon Douala Places include:

  • Hotel Akwa Palace Douala
  • The Pullman Akwa Palace hotel is a famous landmark of Douala City.

    Standing magistically in the center city of Akwa, Akwa Palace is a five star hotel by Western standards.

    Visit the hotel for entertainment, food or use their swimming pool to cool off from the tropical heat.

    For a modest fee you can use the pool without having a hotel room.

  • Musee de Douala (Douala Museum)
  • Musee de Douala (Douala Museum) located on the second floor of Douala City Hall ( a.k.a Hotel de Ville de Douala, Cameroun).

    Features a large collect of artworks and culture from the Western provinces of Cameroon.

    Also a shopping center for sculptures, Cameroons of wood, brass etc from Cameroon.

  • Place du Gouvernement.
  • Next to Douala City Hall is the Place du Government. One of four such Chinese-style palaces constructions in African making this unique and memorable. Build by the king of Douala, King Rudolphe Douala Manga Bell who was hung and executed by the Germans in 1914.

  • Cameroon Douala Airport - Douala international Airport - DLA
  • The busiest Airport in Cameroon.

    The Cameroon Douala airport consists of a Douala International Airport, a Cameroon Douala military Airport right next door (you can not see it from the international Airport) and a private jet air strip used by non-commercial civil planes.

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