Cameroon Ebolowa
The History, Population and Major Occupation of Cameroon Ebolowa people. 

 Major Occupations of the Ebolowa Population and Ebolowa People.
About Cameroon Ebolowa - Its History, Population and Major Occupations in Ebolowa, Cameroon. 

Cameroon Ebolowa host local sawmills for timber logging industry and an  Agricultural school that seeks ways of scientifically improving African staple foods (e.g Corn), Cocoa, and oil palms.

Ebolowa may not be your typical city town, but it offers a local hospital, a museum and an airport to its 1000, 000 inhabitants.

Ebolowa - Beautiful Ebolowa Cameroon Africa

With regards to the history of Cameroon, Ebolowa is a colonial town, heavily used by the colonial masters for their trade routes.

Cameroon Airlines - CamAir Co.
On a sad note, Ebolowa hit headline news worldwide on May 6th 2007 when the search for the wreckage of Kenya Airways Flight 507 was focused on the area of Ebolowa.

The flight from Abidjan, Ivory Coast made a brief layover at Douala International Airport, (DLA) Cameroon en route to Nairobi, kenya.

Ebolowa Airports

Ebolowa host an airstrip - the Ebolowa Airport but not used much

Ebolowa Lifestyle and NightLife In Ebolowa, Cameroon

If you seek to connect with local lifestyle and see what it is like to live in the rainforest of Ebolowa, Cameroon (and even meet Pygmies), then consider using the services of the locals. 

Ebolowa - home design in Ebolowa Cameroon.

The locals are trained as guides to the Atlantic Littoral Evergreen Forest, national parks and game reserve areas. 

This is an excellent  way for you gain first hand insight into forest and Cameroonian village life while greatly supporting the local inhabitants of Ebolowa region rather than the alternate  standard tourist sites (if thats what you are looking for).

The rainforest of Ebolowa is in many ways virgin and has not been developed as a touristic destination making one of Cameroon's cherish bio-ecological destination and a paradise for eco-lovers.

For this reason, you will need to bring your  own provisions and essentials such as water, water filters, mosquito nets, sleeping sheets, and other necessities, just as the professionals do.

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Ebolowa Cameroon Africa.

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