The Cameroon Education
French System

Education in Cameroon

The French Francophone System

Profile of Cameroon Education French System:
  • Primary/Elementary education: 6 years ; Certification: CEPE
  • Secondary education: 4 years; Certification: BEPC
  • High School: 3 years; Certification: BAC
  • University - Bachelors : 3 years; License
  • University - Masters: 2 - 3 years; Maitrice
  • University - Doctorate: 4 - 5 years; PhD
French Cameroon Education System: Education in Cameroon French region consist of :

The Cameroon elementary Education System.

Kindergarten called L'ecole Maternelle (Nursery School) starting generally at age two (2)

The Cameroon elementary Education System.

Primary elementary education called L' ecole primaire elementaire which starts from age 6 to 11 (6 years ).

The primary schools in this system are denominated as Sil , CPS, CE1 , CE2, CM1, and a CM2 being the final year. At CM2 the pupil sits for the Certificat de fin d' etudes primaires elementaires ( CEPE)

The Cameroon Secondary Education System

Secondary school education called College d' enseignement general secondaire (primiere cycle) which runs from age 12 to 16 (4 years). At the end of the four years student sit for the Brevet d'etudes du Premier cycle (BEPC). Based on the results of the BEPC students are admitted to the high school

The Education in Cameroon High Schools

High school called seconde cycle which runs from age 17 to 19 (3 years). At the high school level starting from troiseime to terminale. At the terminale students sit for the baccauleureat examination which admits students to universty education. Many Lycée are structured in these fashion.

In adddition to these general education system, there are a few technical or vocational training schools such as the polytechnic schools. Relative to neighboring nations, Cameroonians are very well educated with a literacy rate of over 60%. The education calendar of Cameroon is also very stable with little to no interruptions throughout the academic year.

A growing threat to the continued excellence of Cameroon education is the rapid increase in what has been described as brain drain.

The best of graduates from Cameroonian high schools and universities end up abroad in more affluent western nations in search of greener pastures.

This trend that started in the mid 1990s is far from slowing down.

This has caused many to question the future of Cameroon's education
 Cameroon Education
Cameroon Education: Cameroonian government school students in Uniforms
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