Cameroon Embassy and Diplomatic Mission with Belgium.

Cameroon Embassy

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Embassy of Belgium
Yaounde, Cameroon

Rue 1792 - Quartier Nouveau Bastos
B.P. 816 Yaounde Cameroon
Fax: +237-2220-0521
Website URL: Embassy of Belgium, Cameroon

Consulate of Belgium
Douala, Cameroon

Avenue General De Gaulle 121
BP. 12960 Bonapriso
Douala Cameroon
Phone: +237-3342-9391
Fax: +237-3343-4674
Embassy of Cameroon
Bruxelles, Belgium

Avenue Brugmann 131-133
1190 Bruxelles Belgium
Phone: +32-2-345-1870
Fax: +32-2-344-5735

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