Cameroon Health Insurance Options

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Free Cameroon Consultation with  Donation. Learn more...

For travelers your options for medical health insurance coverage are: 

  • Your private medical Insurance company
  • Check to see that your private insurance company can be used overseas and whether emergency health expenses (medical evacuation) are covered. In most cases you will have to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed upon return home.

    The US State Department states: "MEDICAL INSURANCE: The Department of State strongly urges U.S. citizens to consult their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to determine whether the policy applies overseas and whether it covers emergency expenses such as a medical evacuation."

  • Another solution is to buy medical coverage at the time of flight purchase.

For less than $100.00 US Dollars you could purchase medical insurance and flight cancellations from companies such as Access America.

For local Cameroonians (Cameroon People) wishing to obtain Cameroon health insurance, there are a few but very limited option.

  • Formal Private Cameroon Health insurance
  • Common Workplace Cameroon Health Insurance schemes
  • The above two options mostly apply for those minority of Cameroonians privileged to work in the formal sector. For the vast majority of Cameroonians, especially those in the rural areas, the only option as now is the

  • Cameroon Mutual Health organisations (MHOs)
  • - aka community-based health financing plans.

Cameroon Mutual Health Organization (MHO) works with local credit unions and their clients.

Each month the client's account is debited with the health premium cost and credited to the MHO by the credit union.

The client' medical expenses are then covered for 70 to 100 % of the medical cost, including medical consultations, surgeries, delivery and ante and postnatal care.

The premium cost is about $1 US Dollar a month per person.

The non-governmental organization Service of Support to Local Initiatives of Development (SAILD) a community saving schemes partners with the USAID-funded Action for West Africa Region-Reproductive Health (AWARE-RH) on this project for a five year corporative agreement.

Cameroon Health

These MHO schemes are gaining popularity and credibility in Cameroon. Cameroon Health Ministry has launch a campaign to expand the Mutual Health Organizations to the centre and the south of the Cameroon. MHOs are presently concentrated in the more affluent western province of Cameroon.

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