Cameroon Facts.
Cameroon History - 1400CE to 1500CE

The Portuguese Colonial Era in Cameroon and Its Effects.

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Free Cameroon Consultation with Donation. Learn more…

Cameroon Facts.
Cameroon History.
The Portuguese Intrusions & Colonisation.

History of Cameroon from 8000BC to 1400CE

1472 CE

The first Europeans to reach the coast of Cameroon were the portuguese in 1472. Before then , little is known about Cameroon.

Portuguesse Navigator Fernando Po arrives at the estuary of the Wouri river, which he called Rio dos Camaroes (River of Prawns).

Christened by the Portuguese, Cameroon owes its name to the large amount of shrimp (camaroes) at the River Wouri.

1491 CE

Portuguese colonizers bring the first Catholic missionaries in 1491.

Portuguese missionaries baptized the continent's first Catholic convert there in 1491.

Many slaves taken to Brazil.


1500 CE

North central Cameroon is predominantly Fulani with over 200 ethnic groups making up Cameroon's cultural diversity.

Cameroon Historical Facts from 1500CE to 1600CE

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