Cameroon History - 1600 CE to 1700 CE
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Cameroon's Contributions.

Cameroon History from 1500 CE to 1600CE

Cameroon History - 1600 CE to 1700 CE



Cameroon Trans-Atlantic slave trade industry gets a new boss: The Dutch.


The Chamba Lecko ethnic, of Sudanese origin, migrate from River Faro on the on present day border with Nigeria to settle in Benue region of Cameroon - adding to Cameroon's Cultural diversity.

This group today make up the Bali Nyonga ethnic group of the northwest region of Cameroon.


Andreas Josua Ulsheimer, a German trader on the coast of Cameroon was caught selling fake, counterfeit or low quality Manilla (Portuguese metal money). Andreas believed he was going to be eaten though. Andreas was reported "scared" and let go by the Cameroonian traders.

Manilla was used extensively in west Africa as a source of bronze for art objects.


British colonists colonize Barbados island.

Slaves from Cameroon, and other west African countries are brought to Barbados Island to meet the growing labor demands in the cotton, tobacco and sugar plantations.


Under Lady Ayana and Emperor Negash of the Gondarian Empire (Ethiopia), a brave knight from Cameroon acts as a Templar knight to guard the Christian churches.


Dutch West Indies Company intensifies and scales up its slave trading business along the coast from Senegal to Cameroon.


Abram Petrovich Hannibal is borned in Cameroon on 1696 to a Cameroonian Warlord, reigning prince of Logon in northern Cameroon.

Abram is the great-grandfathers of Russia's most celebrated poet Aleksandr Pushkin.

Abram Petrovich Hannibal was an African slave at age eight (8) taken to Russia by Peter the great (ruler from 1682-1696).

In Russia Hannibal rose from a slave to major-general, military engineer and a governor.


Cameroon Slaves are brought to South Carolina, New Netherlands, Massachusetts, New Orleans, and Virginia.

African slaves to North America rose from 5000 to 45000.


Anti-slave trade movements and protest led British Missionaries begin.

The London Baptist Missionary Society creates a Christian colony in Victoria (today: Limbe, Cameroon).

Freed slaves from Jamaica, Ghana, Liberia and Africans Christian converts are settled in Victoria - Limbe, Cameroon.

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