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Cameroon History - 8000BC to 1400CE

First Known Inhabitants of Cameroon 

Cameroon Facts.

8000 B.C

Cameroon is mainly inhabited by Pygmies - a collection of many ethnic groups of people of "short" stature.

500 BC

Hanno from Carthage in North Africa (Tunisia) reports sighting Mount Cameroon - christened the "Chariot of the Gods".

Immediately following this is a trade of slaves and goods developing from northern Cameroon to North Africa.

200-100 BC:

First Bantu-tribes immigrates to Cameroon from North (Nigeria).

The "Pygmies" are gradually being forced deeper into the forests by the newcomers - Bantu-tribes.

The Sao culture takes root in the area south of Lake Chad, as a result of the migration from Nile Valley. They bring along their pottery and bronze-work crafts. Over 150 ethnic group follow suit and settles in Cameroon.

1400 CE

Fulani - pastoral nomads from Senegal migrate to Cameroon.

Cameroon History from 1400CE to 1500CE

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