Cameroon Holiday.

Cameroon Holiday - 20th May Cameroon National Day

A Cameroon holiday is quite colorful and lively.

Imagine a diverse group of over 250 fun-loving and energetic ethnic groups gathering together nationwide, each in their cultural manner, to celebrate one holiday.

On Cameroon national holidays and public holidays the entire nation is feasting - all daylong parades at strategic grand stands allover the nation, an afternoon of public, state and local dinners. You get to feel the national spirit on these occasions, even as a tourist.

Cameroon's religious holidays are not less colorful either - a full morning of people dressed in various traditional attires going to churches or mosques for sermons and prayers.

Sharing with strangers, love ones and neighbors is a great feature of holidays in Cameroon. Although not having much, everyone is eager to share whatever they have with others especially those of a different faith as they are all invited to share in the celebrations.

Listed below are holidays in Cameroon. Businesses - schools, banks, government offices are all closed on these days. Please plan you business activities accordingly.

Keep in mind that religious holidays of Cameroon are not fix and rotate yearly based on the religion's calendar. For these an estimated date is given.

Cameroon Holidays

1 January

    New Year Day

1 January

    Independence Day

20 January

    (estimated date)

11 February

    Youth Day

31 March

    Eid Milad Nabi
    (Prophet's BirthdayCelebrates Muhammad's birthday)
    (estimated date)

6-9 April

    Good Friday
    The Friday before EasterEaster
    (estimated date)

1 May

    Labor Day

17 May

    Ascension Ascension
    39 days after Easter
    (estimated date)

20 May

    National Day

21 May

    Sheep Festival
    (estimated date)

11 August

    Ascension of the prophet
    (estimated date)

15 August

    (estimated date)

11 September

    Eid ul-Fitr
    Celebrates end of Ramadan
    (estimated date)

1 October

    Unification Day

13 October

    Djoulde Soumae
    (estimated date)

17 November

    Eid Al Adha
    ( Eid ul-Adha Festival of Sacrifice)
    - (estimated date)

7 December

    (Islamic New Year)
    (estimated date)

20 December

    Eid Al Adha
(estimated date)

25 December


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