Cameroon Language.

Cameroon Language

Cameroon Language Overview

Cameroon language is made up of over 278 languages. A great number of Cameroonian languages have alphabets systems used in writing.

Noteworthy amongst these is the Shu mom script developed by the Sultan of Bamum Ibrahim Njoya for use by his subjects in their Bamum Language

These has been used in translating the Bible, hymns and other materials into Cameroon Africa language. Very little television, radio or print press work is done in the native language of Cameroon

A detailed listing of Cameroon Language is provided in the table below.
The official language of Cameroon (Cameroon main language)is English and French, a byproduct of Cameroon's colonial history under the United Kingdom and France from 1916 to 1961. As such Cameroon is a bilingual nations with roughly 20% of the population being English speaking and 80% French. Cameroon is thus a member of both the La Francophonie and the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Due to recently economic developments and a cultural trend amongst Cameroonian youths towards a pro-American fashion, English is increasing regarded as a most-speak and highly cherished language with many french speaking Cameroonians going to great lengths to study the language. The only Anglo-Saxon university in Cameroon has a large visible presence of French speaking Cameroonians enrollment. This adds to the bilingualism of Cameroon and Cameroonians.

Cameroon youth fast developing their own language which is a blend of Cameroon official language, French and English, called Fran-Anglais or CamFranglais, mostly heard in the urban cities of Yaounde and Douala and in popular Cameroon music.

For everyday interaction at market places and common areas, the language of choice is Pidgin english Cameroon in the northwest and southwest; Fulfulde in the North; Ewondo in the East Center and South provinces.

Cameroon language are comprised of:

  • 55 Afro-Asiatic languages;
  • 2 Nilo-Saharan languages;
  • over 173 Niger-Congo Languages - comprised of:
    • one (1) West Atlantic language (Fulfulde),
    • 32 Adamawa-Ubangui languages,
    • 142 Benue-Congo languages(130 Bantu Languages)

Braille is thought in specialized school for the blind (well over 15,630 blinds in Cameroon).

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