Cameroon Money - Cameroon Currency.

What kind of African money is used in Cameroon?

About Cameroon money. Cameroon gained associate membership in UDEAC in 1961(now CEMAC) and thus shares the same common currency, the franc CFA, with five other neighboring central african states. Te FCFA is the money used in Cameroon. The central bank to these six central african states is BEAC, with headquarter in Yaounde, Cameroon. The franc CFA is pegged to the Euro. Read more about Cameroon's money.

Types of Cameroon currency in circulations.

Money used in Cameroon are Cameroon metal coins and Cameroon banknotes.


Cameroon metal coins FCFA is denominated into 1FCFA, 2FCFA, 5FCFA, 10FCFA, 50FCFA, 100FCFA and 500FCFA in metal coins

Cameroon banknotes are denominated in 500FCFA, 1000FCFA, 2000FCFA, 5000FCFA and 10000FCFA.

Exchange rates for Cameroon money.

Exchange rates favor Cameroon tourist with the British Stirling Pounds and the US Dollars fetching the best rates and nationwide acceptance. Also accepted are international travelers cheques. Read more on Exchange rates for money of Cameroon.

Cameroon Money

Alternate forms of Cameroonian money: Credit Cards and Debit Cards Usage.

Although cash is king in Cameroon, increasingly credit cards are being accepted in limited businesses in Douala and Yaounde. For example bakeries, supermarkets, select hotels have electronic credit and debit card processing units for their businesses.

You could also use your cards for withdraws at local ATMs in Cameroon. These too are very popular and can be found in any major bank branches nationwide. Read more about credit cards and debit cards usage in Cameroon.

Money transfer to Cameroon

Want to Send money to Cameroon or receive money in Cameroon? Money transfer to Cameroon is easier nowadays.

Western Union, MoneyGram, MoneyLineUK are amongst the very popular money transfer operators to Cameroon. They partner with several local banks and Cameroon Post Office ( CAMPOST ) to provide money transfer services to the entire nation of Cameroon.

Also available is the traditional option of bank wire transfer. Learn more here about the cheapest money transfer operator to Cameroon - rates and fees.

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