by paulo

If there is already someone who worked for "CAMEROON MULTIBROSS CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY LTD" or is working for "CAMEROON MULTIBROSS CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY LTD", you can share some information about this cameroon company because I am being hired by the same company but I have some questions and this time I have been asked to reserve an apartment named "Intel Apartment Rentals International "

Portuguese Version - Original
existe alguem que ja trabalhou para a "multibross" ou está a trabalhar ,que poderá partilhar alguma informação sobre esta empresa porque estou a ser contratado pela mesma mas tenho algumas duvidas e neste momento ja me pedem a reserva de um apartamento com nome "intel apartement rentals. int'l "

My Response to CAMEROON MULTIBROSS CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY LTD and Intel Apartment Rentals International

Hi Guys:

These is a scam!!!

If you have free money to throw away, then by all means, go ahead and give it to these guys:

You will never see the house and you will never get a job.

International hiring does work like that, grow up.


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