Cameroon Pictures
Picture, Photo and Video Gallery of Cameroon

Cameroon and some of its cities in pictures.

These are Cameroon pictures I personally took during my trip to Cameroon.

Bastos area in Yaounde caught my attention and lots of the pictures are from this single area.

In addition, you will find some of my amateur pictures for Buea, Douala, Bamenda and more.

Let me know which you liked best and why.

Pictures of Cameroon volcano and Cameroon landmarks

Cameroon Volcano

Cameroon has an active and live volcanic line termed the Cameroon volcanic line (CVL) with recorded activities dating far back to the 400 B.C.E (before our common era).

This has given raise to some of the worlds most spectacular landforms and Cameroon landmarks. Amongst these are two of the three world killer lakes -  Lake Nyos Cameroon  (1986 - killing 1746) and Lake Manoun Cameroon (1984 - killing 37) and the Bamenjing Reservoir in  Cameroon, Africa.

Learn more about  Cameroon Volcano

Bamenjing Reservoir, Cameroon, West Africa.

Photo courtesy: NASA Goddard

Cameroon Weather.

Cameroon weatherCameroon Weather: What the sky looks like when it is about to rain in Cameroon, West Africa. Photo courtesy: TFTF

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Yaounde In Pictures
Yaounde In Pictures

Douala Pictures.

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