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Cameroon bird scum (cockatoo)
by: Mary

Sorry about my english, because i'm russian.

I found this scum yesterday on the site https:// youla . io / sankt-peterburg / (the ad already removed).

Шt said that a parrot cockatoo is sold for $ 150. Below was written mail .

I wrote back and very quickly received a reply and the ad has disappeared from the site.

Some person - Anna Laura sent a lot of pictures of different parrots (if anyone is interested in reading, I can forward the correspondence with this woman on the clumsy Russian language, my mail

I said I need a parrot boy, she sent me some more photos, she asked me to fill in the data (such as my address, telephone number).

The next day, whatsapp texted me from the number +23775554304 and email address .

They said that I need to transfer it to western union $ 150 to the details of Christian Neba Ndonwi the city of Bamenda country of Cameroon.

The message looked awful, written in Russian with gross mistakes, highlighted in coloured font, which I felt funny.

I said I will pay only when you receive the parrot. Asked them to send the website - they sent the link but this company is in Boston!

When I asked why such a different location, they replied that they are working through intermediaries ( then the cost should be much more expensive).

I asked them to introduce themselves, but they just stopped answering me. Do not get fooled by this Scam.

I feel so sorry for those who moved to these vile people money.

I googled the mail, they're selling husky puppies, Corgi puppies, and now parrots ( ads on foreign websites - parrot Jacko http://www. unibo . ru /m3399118/zhako-burohvostiy-ruchnoy .htm husky puppies http:// akm. localmart. kz/novoishimka/item/shhenki_sibirskoy_haski/98574978 ).



These are all scams. Stay away!!!


by: Anonymous

This phone number was listed to adopt Yorkie puppies.

They were eager to respond as long as they thought I was a fool and knew nothing about pet adoption.

They gave false information as to their location in their add.

The person running this states they are located in Minnesota and will ship the puppies to you for $250. When you ask for information about the puppies or shipping company they immediately are to busy to respond.

I stated I wanted vet and pedigree information as well as I would choose the shipping company.

When they did not respond I told them I would be reporting their add. I immediately got a response telling me I was a fool and had no idea who I was dealing with.


I will be posting on several Blogs regarding this scammer.

It is a shame for someone to try to make money for others looking for a furever friend.

Please be cautious when looking for your furbabies!

Consider adoption from you local shelter or pet rescue.

There are many non pedigree pups needing you!

by: Anonymous

I contacted this number to buy a teacup yorkie. I was asked to buy a plane ticket for the pup and that's all I had to do.

When I asked where they were located they replied Minnesota .

I told them no thanks that was to far they then started cursing me with really bad language.

I told them I was going to the police with their number and scam.

They said f--k u and your police. Something should be done about these people.

Crown claw pets transportation
by: AJ

I seen an ad about Siberian husky puppies and wanted to see how much they are and the person texted me 2 hours before I wake up, which is 6 am central time, so they texted me at 4 am my time every morning and said they were from San Jose, California, which is 2 hours behind my time so if that was true then they were texting me every morning at 2 am.

So I searched where the area code is and is Utah.

Instant detection of fraud is a lie in location so watch for this, check area codes.

Later I get an email for flight details to western union money to a guy named Brian in Pennsylvania.

So watch out for these.
1. Check area codes and their "location"
2. Never make a payment to a person
3. Read the email as this one said "don't make it out as a company payment"

These are signs of fraud, very bummed I didn't get my new puppy but glad I didn't spend my money on a scam.

-----------Response to AJ--------

AJ :

You went about it the smart way and didn't let your emotions guide your actions.

Thanks for the helpful tips you shared.


United Pet Transportation Agency - Major Puppy scam!!! Beware!!!
by: Anonymous

I thankfully did research on the number!!! Not good!!!

I realized it was a scam before sending money and giving personal information.

They claim to have free yorkie puppies. THR alone made me cautious... When you contact them they ask if you will give them a very good home, because of their new job they cannot care for them.

I answered a Dallas, Tx ads and supposedly they were in Minnesota and required $250 to ship. They stated a company would contact me for payment and shipping arrangements. "United Pet Transportation Agency" was the name given.

Beware!!!! Something did not sit well with me in the way they were talking.

They sent me photos of a little female yorkie and when I said it was adorable. They responded with "I am glad you love her already".... I didn't say I loved her.

Obviously English is not the first language. There were other grammar errors, I wish I had saved the message and pasted it here.

I have no idea where these people are but if you place this (612) 213-1764 number in a Google browser, tons of free yorkie puppy adds pop up in a lot of different states all with this number.

Reading this page I see a lot of people asked for a lot of different amounts by these people and some being taken and loosing money because of their love for animals and being trusting!!!

I am not so trusting and I was so close to trying but again something didn't make sense so I started researching and found this site. I am solar I followed my gut.

I wanted to share my experience as well in hopes we can save someone else!

Geez I wish there was a way to report them to the government!!!!


Smart move. Glad you visited us first before sending them money.

Happy Tails Company - Fake
by: Anonymous

Thanks god I read all this comments before they pick up the money I just cancel the western union transaction !!!! I will have my money back!

I'm just scared a little because the "lady" ask me for my family pictures to be sure my kids can care the "babies" I hope they can't do nothing to us!!!

The shipping company is happy tails in Cameroon !! And she's from NJ ! (580) 825-0793 this is the seller number.


I am very glad to here this. Stories like this keeps me going on this mission.

Hopefully, others are as smart, and search for information before its too late.

Glad i saved you money.

Can you do me a favor:

What is the name and details of the receiver for the money transfer?


i gave them a piece of my mind!
by: Anonymous

I texted the number in the ad. I thought it was suspicious when it said text only.. but i played along.

Once they said to western union them money i said to do PayPal. They said no.

So i said this is a scam and i basically told them God has a special place for them!

Feel bad for anyone who bought it.

Interesting exchange of emails:
by: Anonymous

Was looking for a Yorkie so I answered an ad. This is an exchange of emails I had with this person! Thought you would like a bit of humor!

Filled out their webform to inquire:

On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 6:31 PM, wrote:
Hello iupoliu876,

Listing these comments concern:
http:/ / amissvilleva .global-free-classified-ads. com /index.php? a=2&b= 2783339

contact name: My name
contact phone: My phone number

Below is an inquiry about your listing.
Do you still have the female puppy?

Then I got this reply back:

From: hudson white
Date: January 12, 2015 at 10:57:39 AM PST
To: Me
Subject: Re: About your ad...** male and female teacup puppies good homes only

Nice to read from you regarding my Babies on Adoption..privileged will be given to the Family that is willing to Comply first with love care and Understanding right..Well I am not a breeder of Puppies.. My puppies are 12 weeks old and some days now... The puppies loves to play a lot, they love to sleep in bed with you and they also love to be carried in your arms. I treat my puppies like children and I always show them so much love. My puppies have been vaccinated and they have all documents.They is AKC registered with full bloodline....The puppies are very healthy and I would send you a one year health guarantee document as evidence. Please I want you to know that I do not breed puppies for money.Actually, three were left this recently, but one left a couple of days ago.I think puppies are Gods animals and so I do not think selling an animal is good. I know there so many people who can take care of puppies,but they do not have much money to buy puppies from the pet shops. So I give my puppies to people who can really show love and take care of them with all their heart.I give only a maximum of two puppies to each person. Except you can how me that you can really take care of more puppies then I can give more. I am going to send you the puppies food guide, play guide, and health guide so that you would know how to take care of the puppy.... Where are you located? If you can assure me that you would take very good care of my babies then I am going to give her to you. please get back to me as soon as you can with a valid phone number for accurate transaction. We are giving the babies away coz my grand daughter who owns the babies died some weeks back so we are looking for a loving and caring home to take good care of the babies Thanks... Reply


Since it all sounded like a scam to me, I researched the internet, and found this site, so I sent this reply:

On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 3:53 AM, Jody Brittain wrote:
Thank you for the information you have provided. I have been searching for a Yorkie Puppy and on all the sights I visited your add popped up all over. No matter what city or state that I searched.


Just to let you know I will not be sending you money via WESTERN UNION at all! You will have to accept a credit card from me. We do not have access to a western union where I live.

When shipping a puppy there is NO requirement for a Temperature control crate! So I will not be supplying the funds of $65.00 nor the deposit of $400.00 USD funds to provide the crate.

When shipping the puppy you as the shipper that does this all time should have ALL THE PUPPY PAPERS IN ORDER. I will not be paying for your stupidity in not putting the papers in order to ship the puppy you claim you want to have a good home.

So when The UK says they wants $900.00 for the correct papers, you can then pay for it since you claim it will be refunded. This saves having to shift money back and forth.

I did an internet research on TLINK Cargo Shipping. I found that there were three website. All three were websites of HEAVY CARGO SHIPPING. Now I know that a small Yorkie Puppy only weighs in at 2 to 3 pounds at the most. I answered an ad out of VIRGINIA USA! There is no ocean between me and Virginia for this tiny puppy to have to sale on any ship!

Now since I was internet researching, I also did some research on your email address. What an eye opener! You are scamming people from all over the world. You are making quite the name for yourself! You should visit:!

I also did a trace on your computer ID and guess what???? You are emailing me from CAMAROON AFRICA! I was not surprised.

You people do not have the grasp of the English language and your email just screams "I AM SCAMMIN YOU!" You probably used some sort of translation device and then can not read a word of what I have typed here.

Oh and by the way, I am reporting you to our local authorities for scamming me personally. I have already filed the paper work and you should be hearing from them very soon!

I very shortly then heard back from them with this comment:

On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 7:34 PM, hudson white wrote:


Since they are throwing GOD in the mix, I replied with:

On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 4:58 AM, wrote:
Oh I am not the fool! and YES THE LORD IS GOD! and DEVIL WILL REAP HIS DUE from your scamming!

Then in my mailbox this morning I get this:

hudson white
8:07 PM (10 hours ago)

to me
,bkhyik bvjiuou kiuou if you hae a heart ti write again i will use powers on you and pick your soul out youn know who are talking too a King of INDIAN cultist group


Their true colors have abounded! HAHA. Plus they have really bad grammar!

Just thought I would post my experience with these idiots!

puppy scam
by: maria

bottom line is there anyway to get money back for all the wire scams ...if so how to do so from the us to cameroon?

Teacup yorkie puppies - Britney sellers!
by: Anonymous

Okay thank you to the previous comment on Britney sellers because you saved me from making a big mistake.

SheTexted me with the number (612) 213-1764.

She said she recently moved to Minnesota because of her job.

And that her daughter was attending Cameroon University. And for me to wire the money to her.

She had two puppies one male (timmy/or tommy) one female (tina). They were 12 weeks old.

Later she was Saying the company will call me, not specifying what company it is, to let me know the details on the flight and such.
The company she gave me had the number of (551) 800-1983. Looked that up and it was another sellers number for yorkies.

Very suspicious! I Never sent her money, thank God, and I never went through with it.

Dear Reader:

I am glad to hear the smart way you handled this. I wish your governments could pull some resources to help stop this non-sense.

You were smart enough to read our post and take appropriate action, which saved you time , money and in some cases, even your life. I am very pleased to hear this fine report. Thats what keeps me going on this work.

Stay away from this fake people and anything having to with Cameroon online. Its very simple

Cameroon + Online = fraud, 99 percent of the time.


Crown claw pet transport
by: 1 Pissed Off "customer"

I was scammed out of $280 trying to get a Yorkie puppie for my daughter..

the seller had an email of and had me send the money to Donald Harris and they were both located out of Minnesota.

After we gave him money through money gram we asked for a tracking number.

Then he texted back that there was a problem and that his manager said we had to pay an insurance fee for the dog to be flown through that crown claw pet transport and when the dog arrives the money would be refunded back.

So we told him no we just want our money back and he said that the shipping fee of $280 was non refundable.

So look out for that email and name.

Also here are the numbers they were communicating with 612-213-1764 and 612-564-7836



Dear Reader:

I am so sorry to hear your horrific experience. Since its a US based transaction, MoneyGram is legally liable to refund you the money.

I suggest you call their fraud prevention department and as for a full investigation. There is this new law out, that all money transfers should be refundable upon request. Please, check on it out.

Its just sad that no government entity is interested in fighting this scams since we are "too small" unlike big corporations.

I wish you had visited our site before contacting these lowlifes.

Cut your losses and move on.

Crown Claw Pet Transport.Co - big spam companies
by: Anonymous

This is a big spam companies.

Crown Claw Pet Transport.Co phone number 320-428-0793

Not trust them. We are spend 1030 dollars for Yorkie Puppy. Companies said pay 500 dollars for account and we will give your money back. I said no. So I not have any money and puppy.

Sellers phone number 507-512-8437

-----Admin comments below------

Both phone numbers are to USA, Minnesota, home to a large Cameroonian communities. This may be a worldwide network of organized scams. Beware

Cameroon Yorkie Puppy Scam - Be careful
by: Anonymous

This is a big spam companies.

Not trust them.

We are spend 1030 dollars for Yorkie Puppy.

Companies said pay 500 dollars for account and we will give your money back.

I said no.

So I not have any money and puppy.

Sellers phone number +1 507-512-8437

Response to Cameroon Yorkie Puppy Scam - Be careful

Dear Reader:

Sorry for the lost, USD $1030 is lot of money.

You just confirmed my fears that these scams are well organized networks, spanning the world.

The phone number you provide is a Minnesota number. Minnesota is also home to thousands of Cameroon immigrant communities.

I am glad you cut your losses and moved on.

All the best in your future endeavors.


Watch out for puppy scam! Teacup Yorkie by Britney Sellers (248-716-1900} , Crown Claws Pet Transport (320-428-0793)
by: Anonymous

Teacup Yorkie was purchased form Britney Sellers @ Britneysellers162 @} supposedly shipping by Crown Claws Pet Transport (320-428-0793) and they have another agent that calls & texts you from (406-820-8531}.

Be afraid, very afraid! I spent, foolishly, o lot of money and received nothing.

They are still contacting me requesting more money and assuring me that Tina (the puppy) would be on the nest flight out (of Minnesota) and delivered by a Mr. Hanri Moore.


I did send the last payment to Bertoua, Cameroon, Eastern Region:

Tembock Roy Temban

with zip code of 00237.

Western Union filed a fraud report and they do have him on video, with his telephone number and National ID picture, that he presented to pick up the money.


Dear Reader,

So sorry for the lost of more and time, I wish you had contacted us before sending and money to these thieves.

From your notes, it is clear that the operators are if Cameroon origin and it is a network , not a single individual. Combining your facts with other writers, it is clear to me that they run like a cooperation.

Can you provide me with the western union video and or ID card information of fund collector in Bertoua? That would be very helpful.

In the past, once we have such tangible information, the network would spring up and contact us to delete the names and information from our site. Hopefully, we can someday get them to issue a refund of money collected.

Cut your losses here and move on, stop all contacts with these groups.

Sincerely sorry for your lost.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

All the best in your future endeavors,


Puppy Malti Poo Scams - Same as everybody else
by: Malti-poooed

I was scammed like everybody else

I was looking for a puppy malti poo and thought 125.00 for a 500.00 puppy wasn't a bad deal....

Until they had me send the money western union.....

That was my red flag, the lady "Sandra" told me she was a god fearing woman and that it was not a scam her and her puppy were 100% real....

I did not send them any money thank god for this site....

I am going to post this site ob craigsliat for all to see

Response From

I am very delighted to have saved you money.

Stories like yours, gives me the strengthen needed to keep this site running despite my busy schedule.

As always, the key to every business success story is due diligence, and i am glad I could help.

My Cameroon Puppy Scam story - heart broken
by: maria

I was scammed too.

I just lost a puppy to Parvo and was in need quick to get a new one for my kids ...

I have gotten puppies in the past online, so i thought nothing about it and now i am out 900.00 and

I have some one claiming to be from Cameroon to be a lawyer that wants me to pay him for geting my money back which i have not seen either ....


Dear Maria,

I only wish you consulted this website first before making your purchase from Cameroon.

So sorry for you lost.

Do not pay any more money to anyone out there, Lawyers or whoever, its all a scam.

Cut your lost here and move on.

Provide me with the name of the person to who you send the money, that is his really name and I will publish it here for all to see.

At the very less his friends and family will know where he makes his money from, scamming others.

The very best

WESTERN UNION - puppy scam with the help of western union
by: Anonymous

I knew this was a scam from the begining, so I kept on playing with them..

I think they are the lowest people on earth.

Why isn't western union doing more to alert people?

They are just making their money and leting innocent people suffer.

I will never use them again ever. You can't tell me they haven't noticed this scam.


Cameroon Birds Scam - Not only Cameroon PUPPIES Scams
by: Anonymous

Hi wish we would have seen this page before we sent money to these people of all places in Camaroon.

They said they lived in a city an hour away from us then when i emailed them abot the african grey birds they said oh well we are in Camaroon due some medical research so you would have to western union the money to them half up front and then the other half when the birds arrived.

So we sent the first 250.00 and they received it then the supposed

Tlink Cargos airline

called my mom and said that the cages they where in need to be airline approved and that we would have to pay an addition 930.00 to cover the cages and insurance 900.00 totally refundable once the birds arrived to there destination.

So we emailed the people we where getting them from who said they would cover all traveling fees they said that they didn't know this was going to happen that if we sent the other half of the money that they would go and cover the crates and they would shipon time.

So we did that is 550.00 with the transfer fee in total they received the money and then this is where i knew something was going on because they emailed us back saying that they couldn't come up with all the money they need another 230.00 could we send it then when we got the refund we could get our money out of it and transfer their half back.

When we refused and told them to just send one of the birds they went on to say well i got all of it now except 130.00 so please just send them that amount and the birds would shipped as planned.

When i told them no again and just send the one because they supposedly had 700.00 of the 930.00 so they would have the money to send just one bird it was only 400.00.

They keeped refusing and keeped asking for the 130.00 so i emailed that airline to see if they still had the birds and they said yes and they where just waiting on the crates to be paid for as they put it you people, and they gave us their information to send the money directly to them.

So we where fixing to head out the door and i got hte ideal hey before we send this 930.00 to the airport let us look this airline up and make sure they are creditable since we were out 550.00 dollars already.

And guess what this site popped up and thank GOD it did because we would hae sent it thinking the birds would be arriving the next day.

So they aren't only doing it to people over dogs they are doing it with birds too. and i found them on my local classified adds in my state which is Oklahoma.

When i told the people off and told them they weren't getting the 130.00 that was their part of the deal to pay for that it was the agreement and to refund my mom's money in full guess what we haven't heard from them again imagine that so we are out 550.00 but atleast we checked it out before sending an addition 930.00 so beware of any animal that they say they are located in Camaroon now.

Cameroon Puppy Scam - SCREW CAMEROON
by: Anonymous

I'm glad my sister told me about not getting puppies from cameroon or anywhere outside of the country.

Because I went through a whole bunch of websites, through google and there was a marketplace on facebook also that i was looking at for a puppy.

I wasn't sure what I wanted yet, so I emailed people who had huskies, yorkies, and Pomeranians, and most of them said they were located in cameroon.

But I clearly typed in my location and a radius of 100miles, and from Little Falls,MN I'm 100% positive CAMEROON was not in that radius.

They emailed me saying they relocated due to some missionaries things they had going on and relocated to cameroon and because the puppies can't be there in that climate and because they don't have time to watch/play with it they wanted to give it away for free.

Asked them to see recent pictures of the puppies, and after seeing them, I knew right away those werent their puppies because I seen the pictures before.

And PROFESSIONAL pictures taken are most likely frauds. Unless otherwised noted.

Cameroon Puppy scam/ Cameroon
by: Anonymous

Well, we almost fell for it.

We got all the way to the point of sending the Western Union moneygrm for $120.00 but fortunately I checked it out and found all these info on this scam.

I will say it is very creative but there should have been the signal when the replies came back almost instantly when I inquired about details.

Just pays to remember that anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.

Cameroon dog scam
by: marie

there was a man called antonio b saying he has got a huskie free too good home but all i need to do is pay 100 pound for his flight and now they want 750pound too keep him in quaratne can i get my money back please

How I got Scammed out of a yorkie puppy from cameroon
by: Anonymous

There is a lady named annewayne70AThotmail dot com who had a ad on petfinder dot com

I wrote her and she promised me it was no scam I sent her $150.00 western union on friday night wich came out to be $165.00 the next morning she emailed me stating the puppy was at the airport being prepared to be shipped.

Late on that day I recieved and email from the shipping company stating the crate provided by the sender was disapproved because it does not meets the airline approved standards.

The puppy must only be shipped in a temperature regulating crate.

They wanted me to pay a caution and renting fee for the crate The renting fee for the crate is 65 USD and the caution fee is 400 USD Caution Fee is refundable once delivery is done and the crate is return to there delivery agent.

So stupid me sent them the money western union in the amount stated above but with the westen union fees it out to be $503.00.

Then i recieved an email stating the puppy was being shipped I should recieve the puppy at 5:00pm eastern time.

Later that night after 5pm i recieved a email from the so called UK pet control stating :

"This is the United Kingdom Pets Insurance Department we just realized that your Puppy had no life and health insurance cover documents, when we were going through her Pet folder.

This means you will have to pay the sum of $900,00 which is 1/2 the initial value for your puppy and $10.00 for our services all this while the puppy has been with us, which gives you a total of $910.00 of which $900.00 will be refunded to you when your Puppy is delivered to you at your home address by our agent.

So we are expecting the sum of $910 from you in which $900 will be refunded to you we do expect you to go and make the payment of the $910 and get back to us with the payment details as soon as possible.

You are expected to make the total payment to TLINK CARGOS SHIPPERS International head office, they are responsible for the refundable insurance fees.

Once you get that done you are to e-mail the full payment details to us for confirmation, after confirmation we shall issue a receipt which shall entitle you to $900 when your puppy is delivered, you will have to print, sign and scan this receipt and send to us immediately and keep a copy as a record and authorization for you to collect your money back when the puppy is delivered.

You are expected to make the payment via WESTERN UNION. "

I refused to pay that amount. I called the tlink cargo company and told them to send the dog back to Anne wayne and refund me my money, but now they said since i am not recieving the puppy my money is non-refundable and now they are not answering the phone all together I spent $732.00 and I admit now that I got scamed oh yeah anne wayne is not answering any of my emails either....and my husband wont talk to me cause that was all the money we had...

Cameroon Puppy Scam On Craigslist too
by: Anonymous

They attempted this with me too, but there are noticeable red flags. They give you a US address, then theres a phone number in another state of course the easy fee of 150$ THEN ask for 820$ send western union to Cameroon.

They send the fake web site saying the puppy is waiting but it shows the airport in another part of the country but waiting due to weather.

HA good thing I read up on this.

Cameroon Puppy Scams
by: Anonymous

There is way too much of these scams allegely selling or "giving" these puppies to a good home.

Usually they are moving and just want them to go to a good home and all they need is fees to ship them or transfer papers into your name. But they all are coming from Cameroon..


They always want your info to send the puppies which i'm sure don't exist..

PLEASE PLEASE don't fall for these no matter how beliveable they sound.

If they have no website or local info, the pics of these puppies are fakes stolen from other people.

I am from the USA and have received many of these and even was threatened......

Cameroon Puppy Scam - Please Help Me get My Money Back - oh my
by: Stephaniee P

the same thing happen to me just like 3 days ago and now i reading this my heart just drop because i know its true.

Now i can not believe it.

Thanks god i only send 130 dollars and thats it

Cameroon is a big fake ugh

I should have know better ;


Is there anyways i can get the FBI involved?

Thank you for you thoughts.

beware of scammers
by: Anonymous

hello Anna
please save more of your money
this is just a scam deal
so just forget about it

Cameroon Puppy Scam - Please Help Me get My Money Back
by: Miles

Hi Anna:

Sorry to hear about this. Sad to say but this is a scam and you will never get your money or your pet.

Cut your loses here and avoid giving them any further money.

There is an active registration of cell phones under way in Cameroon Africa. Onces the directory is released and made public this will greatly help reduce the scamming activities from Cameroon Africa.

The address they gave you is fake.

Hopefully, others who read this can add their take and advice to you and future individuals who are considering doing business in Cameroon Africa.

Let me know if i can be of further help to you


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