Cameroon Puppy Scam - Please Help Me get My Money Back

by Anna
(Kharkov, Ukraine)

Cameroon Puppy Dog Scam Fraud

Cameroon Puppy Dog Scam Fraud

Good Day to Whomever Reads This:

I wanted to transport the puppy from Cameroon to Ukraine.

Now it seems to be in U.K., I am told.

The delivery agents say that my puppy is in the airport in the U.K. in the quarantine.

I'm attaching all the documents for the puppy.

I have already sent 1110 dollars. At first I knew that I need to pay 185 $ then 520$ (refundable for the cage) then for the insurance....
Now they say that they need vaccination. But they didn't say this me at once.

The U.K. organization said that it is the scam they think.

Please can you check all the data I have sent and tell me what I can do.

I really want just to get all money that I have sent.

They person I have sent money to:

Receiver's Names: Binde Anastasia

Country: Cameroon

Zip code: 00237

State: Douala

City: Akwa

Address: 144 apartment 4D airport street

I'm very appreciate for help and that of the collective online community.

Waiting for the answer.
Thank you

Anna C.
Kharkov, Ukraine

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