Cameroon Refined Cane Sugar Exporting Companies

I'm from Bangladesh.

I want some advise from you to do a business with your country.

I want to import a small quantity cane sugar from your country.

I'm a small and new importer.

So I want to help from you.

I want to open a Bank L/C from our country Bank to your country Bank to a company ( I don't want to say the name of company now, cause of they'll mind of me ).

Everything is going to be okay. But will the company refuge me to export after open Bank L/C ?

I opened L/C to a China company before some days but the company canceled the Bank L/C. So I lost near about $ 200 dollars.

Dear will you give me advise and sure about open L/C to your country. Will they send the goods after find the Bank L/C to their company's A/C holding Bank ?

I'll be very glad if yuo'll give me some advise and sure. I'm waiting for your reply.

( The company has sent to me their company's Proforma Invoice and Bank Details to Export white refined cane sugar to me.)

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