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by: Anonymous

Yes, I agree with your comments. I have some "experience" with "offers" issued by some of the fake companies listed.

These so call "companies", which are offering products in Cameroon, are mostly fake.

They do business via T/T, Western Union or similar, asking for 30-50% advance payments but do not demonstrate that they have the product or that they really represent the END-SELLERS.

I am surprised that real export companies in Cameroon are allowing this to happen.

Some times they even charge for product samples. There are thousands of "intermediaries" in Cameroon looking for idiots that could proceed with T/T, sending money to unknown companies that are not even registered.

They don't deal via bank to bank transaction (POF-POP).

They also use fake Letterheads and cellular phones.

Where is the Government of Cameroon?

Where are the business associations in Cameroon?

Unfortunately, AliBaba and similars business servers are getting infected with scammers.

What is AliBaba doing too to stop scammers?

How do we get a real registry of real companies that we can trust in a formal way?

Please... this is too much!!

These scammers do not follow export-import standards.

We have to proceed with Due Diligence first!!

The Government of Cameroon And Scammers
by: Anonymous

The Government is working on it , it will soon be over , its just a matter of time.We have elections this 2011 after that there will be a new era.Thanks for your complain and alert.

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