Cameroon Scam Fraud
How To Fight Back Against Internet Fraud

Cameroon Scam fraud: How to Fight Scammers and Internet Fraud.

When I started this website about my beloved nation of Cameroon, it was to showcase to the world its beauty through its diverse and fascinating languages, fashions, clothing, foods, culture etc.

However, you can not fight nature. It turns out that the web has been heavily used by real and fake Cameroonians to scam genuine honest small business owners struggling to built a business for themselves and their family.

Cameroon Scam fraud - Because of this, most of the inquiry, over 40% of them are about fake, scam or fraud from Cameroon and how to fight back and right the wrong.  

In response to this, I opened up an inquiry page for those having questions about specific companies.

The idea here was to give the audience an opportunity ask questions, provide evidence and have the collective knowledge of our Cameroon experts community answers.

I initial idea was to have small business individuals consulate with us before getting in to any monetary transactions with any one in Cameroon.

In this way, they will be ACTING on some well informed decisions and recommendations - a realtime feedback system.

But as it turns out, most of the people act before they think, over 90% of our business inquiries fall within this category and the smartest 10% who bother to inquiry from us before doing business in Cameroon still FIGHT with us our conclusions and recommendations to them.

Gladly, a few take our recommendations to heart and save themselves, their families and us much heartache to the dismay of these scammers

This is due to the simple fact that they see a business break through - an opportunity for making sky-high profits , and its that feeling that the scammers are banking on arousing in their victims.

Internet fraud scam

Through all these feedbacks, I herewith summarize the bleak assessment of these scam operations and provide a clear method for fighting back to those so inclined.

Whats the Problem: Scams and Fraud by real and fake Cameroonians

Many businesses springing online alleged to be own and operated Cameroonians in Cameroon.

Typically, they lure their victims in by promising to provide goods - usually raw natural resources or scrape metal material, animals (pet dogs ) at never-heard-off prices.

These small business persons, seeing an opportunity for massive returns, goes all in and sends money, usually through westernUnion to the scammers.

The scammers, then provides a second round of fake documents, stating reasons why additional payments are needed from the victim. Already fully invested, the victim sends a second round of payments to the scammer or an affiliate of his/her.

This goes on until the victim wakes up to the realization that they have been throwing money away and have just been scammed. Seeking a way to fight back and recover their investments they go online. Thats when the victim finds this page.

Why do People get scammed by Cameroon Scam fraud: Greed.

The main reason scamming will always be with us is - greed on both sides.

The scammer is looking to get something for free by lying and tricking his/her victim.

The victim sees an opportunity to get goods from an "ignorant" selling far below "known fair" value and sale it at a huge profit.

From a legally point of view, buying below "fair" market value is legal and part of everyday business practice and carries the humane issue of greed while lying to a business partner is illegal and carries punitive actions from any legal system.

What do you think, why do people get scammed? Share your thoughts here.

Where do Cameroon Scam fraud operate: Online.

Most of the scams are initiated online. The awesome world of internet has made is cheap, fast and easy for governments and businesses to operate, often in realtime and so too for Cameroon Scam fraud.

I even dare to say that scammers has mastered the effective use of online and social marketing techniques than large scale western businesses and our governments, who always notoriously lack behind on technological advancements.

How to fight back Cameroon Scam fraud: Go public, make it known

Yes, its possible to fight back but the results of your fight will depend greatly on the amount of time, money and resources you are ready to shell into the fight.

The three bodies responsible to assist in this fight against Cameroon Scam fraud are:

  1. Your Government - (The victim's government)

  2. Your government should have a foreign department office to assist with commerce and investigate fraud by foreign business parties.

    Also, contact your country's embassy in Cameroon for further assistance. Before contacting any agency have all documents scanned and ready to email.

    With many such complaints, hopefully your government will put necessary resources and pressure to act on this issue.

    All names of the individual are fake, the only real name is the one you use in sending money through WesternUnion, MoneyGram, or money transfer to the scammers.

    Use this name in all your references to the us or any government agency.

  3. The Cameroon Embassy - need their cooperations
  4. Contact the embassy of Cameroon in your area and see how they can help. Ask to talk to the business attacheé. Present all your documents to them and see what happens. I do not expect much from this source, but worth a try.

    With many inquiries, and cooperations from your on government, something can be done to reduce this scams by both governments.

  5. Yourself and your own efforts - We are here to help you fight Cameroon Scam fraud
  6. Some victims go as far as hiring a private investigator to followup on this issues of scams but the cost to reward may not justify this method for everyone.

    Scammers deal on the premise that the amount of money the scam from their victims is too small for the victims to bother chasing them down.

    Here a few cheap ways to fight back:

  7. Publish your story on a reputable and popular media
  8. Do not go silent about it. Scammers flourish when no one speaks about their schemes and the devastation they cause.

    You sound an alarm warning by publishing your experience, but sure its factual.

    This also turns on the heat on the scammers. How do do this effectively?

Get the real name of the scammers

All the names you send money too are their real names. They need an ID to collect the money so they have to supply their real names at that point.

Also, all cell phones are now registered in Cameroon. So the phone number you used to contact the individual can be very helpful in identifying the individual's network.

The Cameroon Scam fraud company name means nothing, its all fake. So do not go talk about the Cameroon Chambers of Commerce, you will never see this companies there listed.

After collecting all these points, write you experiences stating what happens, dollar amounts spend and effect on you, your family and your business.

Submit the article below and we will get the rest of Cameroon and the world to read about these Cameroon Scam fraud. Hopefully your government gets the message and partners with us to help in this effort.

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