Cameroon Scammers - Lufong George Yuven, Stacey French, Smith - +237-90757227 Cameroon Scammers

by Morris

Claims to be in the US. Text messages from TradeKey dot com

-I posted my contact information on Tradekey dot com.

It appears scammers flourish there.

It wasn't long before email and text messages began arriving.

One text caught my interest.
It came from phone number 1-515-209-7517.

The text claimed to come from a company operating from within the US.

The quotes provided were in line with market prices, and they claimed to ship from a warehouse in Florida.

- A red flag I ignored- They weren't allowed to talk on the phone... only text messaging.

- Foolishly believing they were in the US, I placed an order.
$450 USD was sent via Western Union to
Stacey French
Laurel, Montana
It was immediately picked up.

-Second red flag-
I ignored the Montana payment to a Florida company.

-The hammer-
It came as a ridiculous story in a text message, which exposed the scam.

The text claimed the package was brought to shipping company TNT Express in Lake Worth, Florida.

TNT demanded $750 for insurance on the $450 package.
I was told they wouldn't ship it until the insurance is paid.
I asked that they recover the package, then ship it with FedEx.
I'm then told TNT won't return the package.
I ask for a tracking number, receipt, claim, consignment note or waybill; but nothing is provided.

I make it clear no more money will be sent.

-A week passes before the next text, asking for my help to
resolve this matter.

I asked for some way to identify the package at TNT, or the shipper's number and a contact.

Two days later, I receive a text, asking me to call:
Mr. Smith at TNT.

I contact TNT, and am told the number is not TNT.

Researching the web reveals the number is in Cameroon.

I'm guessing it's a phony TNT number, and there is probably a phony TNT web site to match it.


People get scammed because scumbags like this know there's little risk spending time trying to steal.

How successful and lucrative is the scamming business? Would you ever consider to scam someone so as to make ends meet?

It musts be very lucrative. The only people i would like to scam are the scammers.

Do you think scamming can be justified? How?
I could justify scamming the scammers. I'd like to see everything they have stripped from them; then donated to people of little means, who do not resort to stealing.

Whatever your views on scamming, what do you think will bring and end to scamming ?

Strict enforcement and severe consequences.
We now allow known scammers in known locations to freely continue stealing.

Response to Cameroon Scammers

Dear Morris:

Only wish you read our site and did research before the initial western union payment.

That was very smart of you to know when to cut-off the payment sequence.

I only hope others learn and stop these low-lifers in their acts.


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