Cameroon Scammers selling logs on Facebook - ETS GLOBAL TRADING

by Norman
(Vietnam )



I am from Vietnam.

My company wanted to buy logs in Cameroon. I found some sellers on Facebook. They are Kuo Pierre, Mbah Trading Timber, Cameroon Timber, Best Timber, Stephen Basi Njeko.

They wanted me to deposit 10 - 30% because Letter of Credit payment is not popular in Cameroon & their banking is not good enough for L/C.

That is complicated as they said. That is why I deposited to them via ECOBANK account they gave me.

The beneficiary is a bank account of a company named Ets Global Trading to ECOBANK in Cameroon.

After receiving my money, they did not answer my phone any more.

They blocked my Facebook and deleted their FB accounts. I mailed them they told me to send 10% more.

His bank account where I sent money to like in the contract is below:

Beneficiary Name : ETS GLOBAL TRADING
Beneficiary Account : 02228777301
Beneficiary Bank Name: ECOBANK
Beneficiary Bank address: Boulevard de la Liberté,BP 582 Douala Cameroon
Swift Code : ECOCCMCX
Bank Code : 10029
Branch Code : 00001

Their number: +237 6545 10014.
Flobert +237 6836 52311.
Kugy James /Smith +237 6824 94933.
Email: salesatglobaltrading @
Glotraltd @ yahoo. com (the owner of this email is an associate with him and her facebook is Cameroon Timber).

Attached is their fake documents, log pic, log list that those scammers sent to me about them.


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