Cameroon Snake Stories - Near Death Experiences

by Mr. Asongwe




Cameroon Snakes Stories

My story is a life story about my friends encounter with a snake.

He actually had to go to inspect the bush on the farm which had grown very tall and needed cutting so the wife could cultivate the land.

He put on his rain boats and then tucked his trousers inside the rain bouts.In this case any thing that dropped in could reach his feet and skin directly.

It is like this as he walked in the tall grass finding his way without ease,and suddenly felt something very cold crawling up his thigh in the inside of his skin, and very lengthy as he felt it right down.

He could not imagine what it can be, but a long thing in the African sense can only be a snake,waooo..

Near Death Experience

HE thought and came to conclusion that it was one and in his mind this was the end as he fell really fright, and courageously decided to grape where he imagined was the head and held tight to it with all might and started shouting ,jumping and screaming,calling for help.

He even fell down but his grip remaining firm and in this way that is how he strangled the long object, a snake.

After a long time and as no one heard his screaming no one came to his help.

He ended up taking more courage as a man and then began to undo his trousers, and behold that was a green mamba snake that had dropped from the tall grass into his rain boots,then found itself trapped and decided to find it's way coming up his thigh and that is haw he felt the coolness, and began to imagine and did all he could to rescue himself.

Beware of Cameroon Snakes!!!

This episode happened in Cameroon, a very green and Sahel land as well as full of forest.

More stories about snakes to come as we have them every where and sometimes in our bed rooms.

Good reading.

Mathias Asongwe

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